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K-Beauty: Selfie Like A Superstar!

We can go on for days about makeup and skincare products that can make us look good in real life, but what about online? Honestly, taking pictures...

K-Beauty: Blithe Splash Mask First Impressions

K-Beauty is all about innovation in products and methods to improve the skin’s condition. From effectiveness to convenience, K-Beauty continues to strive and succeed to master it...
K Beauty

K-Beauty: 10 Summer Concert & Festival Beauty Essentials

Warm weather, no school, ice cream trucks around the block, and… your favorite K-Pop artist coming to your city?! Summertime really will make you faint, but not...

K-Beauty: Beautiful Ways To Wind Down

Long day at work? A study-filled day at school? Or just a ‘meh’ day in general? Have no fear, K-Beauty is here! Taking care of our mental...

Struggles Of A Non-Korean K-Beauty Lover

With the level of flawlessness that can be achieved through Korean skincare and beauty products, it’s hard to imagine there being any struggle with anything. Well, hard...
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K-Beauty: Feels On Peels? Top Three Types Of Exfoliation

Exfoliation can be pretty intimidating if you’ve never tried it before, but once you do it, the wonders of it will never cease to amaze you! You...

K-Beauty: Cute Character Collabs You Can’t Resist!

Woohoo! The Seoulwave website is back in action, and so are your weekly doses of K-Beauty with Huma! Let’s start our comeback off right with… Well, the...