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On Sunday, July 8th, GOT7 made a stop in Houston, Texas during their Eyes On You Tour. I had the immense pleasure of attending, and y’all, I was stunned. GOT7 is one of the best groups when it comes to fan service, and they absolutely delivered this time too. One of the main complaints of international fans when it comes to K-pop concerts is that we don’t really get the same kind of show as the concerts held in Asia. Of course, we are always happy just seeing our faves, but that doesn’t stop us from craving more. JYP and GOT7 must have heard our pleas because they went above and beyond. I was completely impressed with the staging, graphics, and fan interactions.

The More Mature GOT7 is HAWT!

Jinyoung was his usual debonair, cool, calm, collected self. Jackson was Jackson: wild and hyper AF. Youngjae was so sweet, it just melted my heart. Goodness, let’s not forget Yoogyeom. He is so handsome these days, and he just danced his little heart out. Who doesn’t love JB? JB is usually dressed very suave, with the outward demeanor of his role of leader shining through, but this time his wardrobe was pretty relaxed. It seemed to really relax him too. He was playful with the audience and communicated way more openly than he did at the 2017 fan meeting. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him (not just because he’s my GOT7 bias either). Even the mullet was pretty cute on him. Yeah, I know. A mullet was cute? Weird to me too.

If you saw Bam Bam at the Houston fan meet, you know he looked ethereal like Lestat from the movie Queen of the Damned. Then when they appeared at KCON 2017 LA, he had a glow up from that glow. Let me tell you, the boy had ANOTHER FREAKING GLOW UP!!! How is this even possible? I have no idea, but I am not complaining. Bam Bam came out in a bejeweled velvet blazer that screamed “GQ!” His fashion never disappoints! Last, but absolutely, never ever least is Mark. There is a reason this guy is so popular. Mark was his usual reserved self, but there was an air of confidence about him this time. His raps were explosive. His voice was sultry; and his stance was powerful. There was just something different about him that really made me fall for him.

Logo Courtesy of SubKulture Entertainment

All About The Fans

GOT7 sang all of our favorites from Girls! Girls! Girls to If You Do. They did an amazing remix to Girls! Girls! Girls where JB must have really been feeling the choreo. He was so cool while dancing to it. But the most touching (and different) part to me was the stage changes centered around If You Do. They did three set changes that corresponded with a love story told on the screen in English during two very brief intermissions. The story was so touching and the song selection made it feel like a mini play just for us. No one sat because we were all so engrossed in each moment. It was beautiful.

Whenever GOT7 came to the T-stage near the pits, they interacted so well with the fans. They did everything including smiling, pointing, winking, posing, and waving. Their closing speeches were all in English, also, which shows just hard they each worked to make this tour about us. This is a concert that I will never forget simply because they were so engaging. I had a fantastic time!

I want to send a quick shout out to SubKulture Entertainment for being organized and keeping things going smoothly from the fan perspective. The staff was friendly, informed, and attentive. I have attended concerts in the past that lacked one or more of these things, and it dampened the experience for me. However, I am happy to report that I nor anyone I spoke with had any negative experiences. So big kudos to SubKulture for a job well done.

Guys, if you didn’t get a chance to catch GOT7 in the Eyes On You Tour, I’m so sorry! It was so amazing and fun. Check out the fan cams for a taste of it, and definitely try to catch them next time. They promised they’d be back!


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