BTS Ddaeng single artwork courtesy of BigHit Entertainment

There is a never a dull moment for the boys of BTS. During their constant promotions in the US and Korea, they’ve given themselves very little downtime. In the early weeks of June, BTS’s cypher line released the single ‘Ddaeng’ to SoundCloud. Being called the diss track of the century, it is another all-kill for the cypher line. This life is all wrong for you if you have not heard Ddaeng yet. What rock have you been living under? If you love the sound of Namjoon’s just-like-butter rapper voice, then you’ll absolutely love this diss track. He gets a lot of love with this one. This song is high key Cypher pt 5 and is definitely a summer banger.


Let’s start with the actual word ‘Ddaeng’, the title of the highly anticipated diss track. Roughly translated from Korean, ‘Ddaeng’ generally means ‘incorrect’ or ‘wrong’. This track is for all the people that wronged BTS or didn’t believe in the power of Bangtan. And for all the trolls that used to bash them and call them unsuccessful. Even in Korea they have their own term for ‘troll’. I mean, one of the most prominent English lines within the song ‘U wrong, me right’.


RM, Suga, and J-Hope went for a trap music vibe for this one, all the while keeping an Asian style with the guitar. It’s an interesting mix, and it’s what drew me to the song in the first place. There’s no clear target that the  boys aim for, like one specific person. We can only assume that they are aiming the lyrics at trolls and antis/haters. And of course, BTS chose to release it during BTS Festa.

Overall, the song is a bop. I would expect nothing less to come from BTS’s cypher line, and I await even more diss tracks from the boys. Maybe even add Taehyung in one of these days, eh?

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