Samuel, Teenager Album Cover Photo courtesy of Samuel's official fan cafe
Samuel, Teenager Album Cover
Photo courtesy of Samuel’s official fan cafe

On May 30th this year, Kim Samuel released the music video and 8-song album TEENAGER. With this comeback, he once again boasts about young he is to be in the industry. While the song and video are not letdowns, there is always room for improvement in some areas. Especially considering how young he is.


In the song TEENAGER, Samuel sings about being bossed around, being young and constantly being underestimated in the industry. The video portrays these painful emotions through his puppy-dog eyes. The setting of the video is also pretty interesting because it’s like an apocalyptic world where Samuel is apparently the only one who survived. It’s full of angst that is typical for his age group. The chorus is merely the song’s title on repeat, but in a defiant tone. This method is common for pop songs these days. That makes it easier for people to get into the song.

Overall, the concept of the music video is quite nice, actually. It’s rundown, apocalyptic, and full of teenage emotions. It shows Samuel’s confidence despite being underestimated within the K-Pop industry. An interesting element shown throughout the video, though, are small kittens seemingly scattered throughot the apocalyptic world. Kittens typically represent rebirth and resurrection. Could this be the rebirth of Samuel as he transitions into adulthood? Are we catching a glimpse of what his music will sound like in the future?


My final thought on all of this is that I enjoyed it. It is different for me to listen to. It’s about a topic that isn’t spoken about openly within the industry as often as it should be, which I found very interesting. This song, in my opinion, shows a different side of Samuel. A raw side of him, that makes him relatable to his young audience. With this comeback, you can really see how he’s trying to grow up in the intense environment of the K-Pop world.

A thought I had while listening to the song is that I wish the rapper had more of a presence. Lee Rohan was a very nice touch to the whole thing. I would have appreciated if his parts were like combating with Samuel, to show him fighting with the industry, or something along those lines. But either way, I do like how he was added into the song.

Have you listened to Samuel’s Teenager yet? If so, what were your thoughts on his video and the song? Tell us in the comments below. 


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