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There are so many idols in the k-pop industry. There are so many artists in the world in general, its often hard to find those who you like. I’m always on the search for new music and artists to get into. One of the biggest things that people pay attention to is an artist’s voice. I tend to look out more for the vibes of the songs, the instrumentals, the motion being evoked, the flow, etc. That being said, there have been some voices in k-pop that have really snatched my attention, and so I wanted to share them with you. Maybe you’ll find some new groups or soloists to get behind!

(These are in no particular order)


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Taeil is a shy/introverted member of NCT 127. He is known for being the oldest member of the group but also having gotten perfect scores in school for his vocals. His voice is fairly high in pitch, giving him sweeter vocals, but his voice definitely is a powerful one. Check out his vocals at 1:20!



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Felix is a rapper in Stray Kids, a rookie group that just debuted this year! I don’t know much about the group but from what I’ve seen, they make some dope edm type dance tracks with a 60/40 ratio of rapping to singing. If you listen to their songs, you’ll know exactly who I’m talking about, but just in case, he comes in at around 2:56 below.


Source: BTS_twt Official Twitter

Taehyung is a part of BTS’ vocal line, and recently did the intro for their album ‘Love Yourself: Tear’. His voice is sultry and deep in a way that easily evokes emotions.


Source: Woosung Official Instagram

Woosung is the lead vocalist of the band The Rose, who debuted last year! There is a raw and sultry quality to his voice, in addition to a natural vibrato, that steals my breath away.

Joon Young

Source: Joon Young Official Instagram

Joon Young is the frontman and rhythm guitarist for the band Drug Restaurant. Its really hard to describe his voice but it is so very unique that the moment I heard it I was hooked.


Source: Heize Official Instagram

Heize is a solo artist who sings and raps, who debuted in 2014. I initially ran into her as I was looking for new k-r&b or k-hip hop artists to get into, and her song with Dean snatched my attention. After I saw the song, her voice, rhythms and general vibe are what made me a huge fan. The best way that I can describe her voice is: sweet yet soulful.


Source: Hoody Official Artist Page AOMG

Hoody is a solo R&B artist who debuted in 2013. I discovered her around the same time, if not before, I came across Heize. These are some of my favorite women artists. She has such a sweet voice that layers in a perfect contrast to heavier R&B instrumentals. I love her music so much.


Source: Suran Official Instagram

I came across Suran when watching an episode of King of the Masked Singer. I immediately started to look into her because her voice was unlike anything I’d ever heard before. The more I got into her, and she worked with other artists I already loved like Dean and Suga, I couldn’t get enough! Check out her different take on her award winning hit Wine!

I ran out of space! I may do a part two to this if you all enjoy it! These are some artists that I really love and hold dear! It is not just for their voices but for their artistry and the way that their music makes me feel!

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