We all know that when summer rolls around, we like to find the songs that give us that summer vibe. What is the summer vibe? For me, it is songs that have a feel good sound, that make me feel optimistic. This is the time to do all the things you may not be able to because of school or work. Summer songs are those that make you feel like the options are endless. Of course, songs are released throughout the season that are added to the playlist, but what do we start with?

Here’s the start of my Summer 2k18 Playlist: K-Pop Edition

1. Dally by Hyolyn


If you need a song to make you feel confident and sexy this summer, then Dally is definitely the one! Without even watching the video one starts to feel like dancing confidently. The music video only reiterates it with very sensual, attention grabbing choreography. The hook and the chorus pump you up slightly, almost like hyping yourself up and feeling good about yourself. Its the type of song you need to do everything confidently in the summer!

2. I’m Your Girl? by Khan

I was honestly shocked by this song. This is the debut song of girl duo Khan and it is the perfect sound for summer. It has a very soft and sweet sound on a down-tempo and light beat. The chorus is a really catchy one that allows the sweet vocals to capture the heart. It makes the listener feel kind of whimsical, which is the perfect optimistic summer vibe.

3. Remember by Katie

I tend to love music that I would classify as ‘alternative R&B‘ or ‘chillwave‘ and this is definitely it. It has a mellow but powerful vibe that really makes you feel like a boss. This song is perfect for riding around town with the windows down and the volume on full blast. I’ve done it a lot already, haha.

4. Get It by Pristin V

Much like Dally and Remember, this is a boss song. It makes you feel like you can literally do whatever it is that you want. The song is aptly titled ‘Get It’, and it literally has that “go getter”, “can do” feel. What better vibe can you get for the summer but a “can do” feel? When you’re trying to find the motivation to go out and do something rather than laze around, just put this track on, and you’ll be out the door soon!

5. Airplane Pt. 2 by BTS

A lot of people like to take trips during this time of year, whether its to somewhere new, within your city, or somewhere halfway across the world. Sometimes you feel nervous about doing the things that you want to do in the summer. It may be because you haven’t tried them before, or you’ll be doing it alone, but that nervousness may stop you from acting. This song is all about living life to the fullest, and if you happen to be able to brag about it afterwards, then so be it.

Its only a few, but these are some of my ‘Be About It’ summer playlist songs. They hype me up, make me feel good about myself and all of the possibilities I have during these crazy hot months. What songs are you adding to your summer playlist?

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