Last week, something monumental happened in the K-pop stan Twitterverse. BTS’ fandom, ARMY, and Beyonce’s fandom, BeyHive, got together for a streaming collaboration unlike any before it. Thus, BEYHIVExARMY was born.

Source: @madblackthot Twitter

It all started out with a tweet from social media influencer @madblackthot, asking the ARMY for help streaming Everything is Love. The album is a joint one between Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z; it was dropped randomly on June 16th exclusively on Tidal. When Love Yourself:Tear was first released, @madblackthot decided to help ARMY stream. She encouraged what is known as Black Twitter to help stream the album (this was so that another artist whom the community was shunning wouldn’t be number 1 on Billboard 200).

The two fandoms came together under four different hashtags and “streaming parties” in order to help ‘Everything is Love’ chart at number 1 on Billboard 200; they also wanted to improve, or at least maintain, ‘Love Yourself:Tear’ charting numbers. Each and every hashtag trended worldwide, as well as within the United States, a couple even hitting the top.

@madblackthot Twitter
Source: @madblackthot Twitter
Source: @madblackthot Twitter








These two fandoms came together, engaged with each other and the music, and became friends through these hashtags. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen on Twitter before. I honestly had so much fun streaming; especially when others were appreciating BTS the way I do without knowing anything about them. If you want to check out the awesomeness of the tags, here they are: #ARMYHIVEPROJECT #ARMYHiveStreamingParty #EverythingIsFakeLove and #BeyHivexARMY

This was such a big collaboration, orchestrated by @madblackthot, @btschartdata and @btsonhot100 that it garnered a lot of media attention! It made it to the news in South Korea via MBC and SBS, and US news outlets like Billboard, Hollywood Life, Shazam, Yahoo, etc. were all excited to hop on the BeyHivexArmy wave! If you want to check out the articles written about the event, links are posted in the tweet below!

There were only three days left in the tracking week before the Billboard rankings were calculated and reported. With that in mind, the BEYHIVExARMY project did amazingly well. The album, ‘Everything is Love’ debuted at number 2 on the Billboard 200 while the title track ‘APES**T’ debuted at 13 on Hot 100. On the other hand,  ‘Fake Love’ increased by 6 spots to number 65 and ‘Love Yourself: Tear’ remained on the chart at number 27!

What more can we expect from these two powerful fandoms?! What do you think about the collaboration between Beyhive and ARMY? I never would have expected this, honestly, and the attention it received was amazing! Can we see this as an indication that now is truly the time for K-pop to break in the US? I’m excited to see what comes next!


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