Bonnie N Clyde album cover, courtesy of Choeun Entertainment

After a long hiatus, 24K has finally graced us with the mini-album ‘Bonnie N Clyde’. With this comeback, came yet another lineup change for the group. Due to Kisu enlisting in the military, the new member of 24K goes by the name Kiyong. It seems the lineup with the group is just forever-changing.

INTRO: The intro, LUV IT, is a nice touch to the album. There’s not much to say about it other than it’s a nice transition to Bonnie N Clyde. It has an easy flow, but still in the dubstep genre.


In true 24K fashion, ‘Bonnie N Clyde’ fits back into their hardcore, dubstep style. This is definitely a song I plan on blasting in my car this summer. As a title track, ‘Bonnie N Clyde’ is fantastic. It gets fans hyped with how fire it is. However, it is heavily instrumental-based, making it difficult to hear every member at certain moments.


For the rest of the mini-album, 24K really toned it down. Starting with ‘Blue’, it is the transition from ‘Bonnie N Clyde’ to ‘Overflow’. It is way more laid back and chill, with an R&B flow. ‘Overflow’ is even slower and more like K-R&B than anything. It is a very soothing song. To end the mini-album, they chose the song ‘To. For You’. The true ballad of the album, dedicated to their fan club, the 24Us. Both the instrumentals and vocals are soft and absolutely stunning. A very gentle way to end the album.


24K has really changed their sound for this album. I, for one, did not expect it to be as soft as it is. This is one of their most versatile albums so far, in my opinion. There is a song for everyone on this album. Whether it be hardcore dubstep or smooth R&B, 24K has you covered this go round. Even with the change in the member lineup from time to time, each member is extremely talented. This album is a must-listen. Don’t sleep on it. It will leave you wanting more.


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