Readers get ready! We’re giving you one more chance to enter our giveaway! Read on to win a special ‘Widow of Nightmare, Yoohyeon’ card from the upcoming Catalyst card game!

‘Widow of Nightmare, Yoohyeon’ looks just as cool and creepy as you would expect! (credit – Michael Smith-Grant)
“Catalyst is an upcoming Trading Card Game based in a fantasy world where universes are converging in the wake of the previous Sovereign’s death. Originally 13 Universes existed, however, due to wars and natural disasters, there are only 10 Universes remaining. As the remnants of the forgotten universes scatter amongst the surviving ones, the worlds continue to evolve.”


We’ve extended our giveaway deadline to give more readers a chance to participate!! Take your chance to win this limited edition swag. Support your Kpop creator community by entering to win! Our new deadline to enter the giveaway is Tuesday, June 26th! Check out the contest guidelines below!

Yoohyeon is clearly the inspiration for ‘Widow of Nightmare’ as you can see by this pose!


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If you haven’t yet, take a look at our post about the upcoming Catalyst cardgame. Read about how the game ties into Kpop! Be sure to follow Michael Smith-Grant for updates on the game and future polls. Your opinion will go into the process of creating new Catalyst game content! Enter the giveaway on all of our social media platforms for a higher chance of winning the Yoohyeon card, and good luck to everyone that enters!


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