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Alright, this is it! The final part of BTS’ ‘Love Yourself: Tear‘ album review! Part I is hereand Part II is hereCan I call this a trilogy like the K-pop groups like to? Anyways, let’s get back into it.

The seventh song was written by Jungkook, making his producing debut with ‘Magic Shop‘! Much like how fans discussed ‘Singularity’ being the perfect song for Taehyung, ‘Magic Shop’ was said to sound exactly how a Jungkook song should. It’s the group’s second fan song and has incredibly sweet lyrics layered over a hopeful pop/EDM inspired beat.  It talks about ARMY and BTS finding and saving each other when it was most needed.

Next, ‘Airplane Pt. 2’ symbolizes another shift in the album; the transition from darker thoughts and feelings to those more of overcoming. The members talk about the struggles to get to where they are; of course, this is inspired by J-Hope’s ‘Airplane‘ from his ‘Hope World‘ mixtape. When in despair, whether it be about love, school, work, etc., think of what you’ve gone through to get to where you are now!

Keeping up with good vibes and positive messages is ‘Anpanman‘. This song is ‘Love Yourself: Tear’s’ version of ‘Go Go‘ and ‘Baepsae‘. It talks about a superhero who didn’t have any abilities but would give a part of himself in order to protect the world from a villain. Its fun and light-hearted while expressing thoughts about never giving up and pushing forward despite being afraid and not being “strong” enough. This is the summer’s hype and encouragement song, we can bet on it.

The penultimate song is called ‘So What’, and is another upbeat, EDM heavy anthem. This is the victory song, the “keep it pushing and you will prevail” song. “Even if you’re in danger on the boundary/ Let’s cut through the wind while laughing and chatting/ Sometimes run like a fool /With mistakes and in tears, we just go/ So what/ Don’t stop and worry yourself/ It’s good for nothing/ Let go”. The boys are letting go of the negativity, of the ambiguity; you can see that they are encouraging us to do the same. The lyrics of these songs can be applied to love, romantic and otherwise, self-love, and just life in general.

Last, but not least, one of my favorite songs on the album: Outro: Tear! The song will trick you upon listening to the intro. It opens with a solitary piano, playing spaced out notes. Then, when the strings come in it carries a melancholy air. I initially thought this song was going to make me cry, until the beat dropped. It is a hip-hop heavy song that relies on strong lyricism over a simple but sick instrumental. It has been called the new cypher by some fans. The song is emotional because of the intro and because of the way that the rap line delivers their verses. We have come to the point where we’re accepting what our new reality is.

We are stripping away the dreams, niceties, and fluff to accept what’s real. With that comes tears, tearing apart, and fear, but it will be okay. Let’s take this emotional ending and move forward into the next chapter.

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This album takes you through many different emotions on different levels. From instrumentals to lyrics, vocals, to delivery; it has it all. I could have said much more, someone should write an essay to really break this album down.

Despite not having space, I hope you enjoyed my review and will continue to support BTS! See ya’ll in the next article!


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