GOT7 "Eyes On You" Album Cover fanart, Courtesy of zekavicalmilica on DeviantArt
GOT7 ‘Eyes On You’ Album cover courtesy of JYPE

In March, GOT7 blessed iGOT7s with their eighth mini-album, ‘Eyes On You‘. Within just two days, the album was already #1 on the iTunes charts in 20 countries. Needless to say, the boys left the entire world shook with this comeback. The mini-album consists of six songs in total. There is even a song featuring Hyorin (formerly of SISTAR). With this comeback, it is evident that GOT7 is showing how versatile they are as artists.

Tracks 1-3 Highlights GOT7’s Versatility

The first track in the album, ‘One and Only You‘, featuring the ever-so-talented Hyorin, is an interesting masterpiece. It has a playful vibe, with a different melody and time changes. It is well-produced, but it might take some time getting used to. ‘Look’, the title track, is signature GOT7 style, I feel, with the usual catchy rap lines, Yugyeom and Youngjae’s heavenly high notes, etc. It’s the kind of song that you can blast in your car during a summer drive. It’s a definite must-have in your K-Pop playlist this summer. In contrast, ‘The Reason‘ is a more subdued version of GOT7. It’s all about the vocals with this track. The raps in this one are more so telling a story than anything. These three tracks really highlight how versatile each member is.

Tracks 4-6 Play It Safe

Another slow tune in this album is ‘Hesitate’, the fourth track. With extremely smooth harmonies, the boys express themselves a lot in this one. They sing about love and confusion and not knowing what to do with themselves. While it’s a typical love song, it’s GOT7’s own style. So iGot7’s will be pleased. Towards the end, the fifth track on this mini-album is ‘Us’. This track gave the album a bit of a twist. It’s a nice way to transition to its closing track, in my opinion. Honestly, it sounds like a lot of songs that K-pop groups end their albums with these days. They seemed to have played it safe with these selections. The last song on this album is called “Thank You”. This is the ballad song of the album. With an R&B flair, the boys really calmed down for this one. The harmonies and vocals are impeccable, as they always are. “Thank You” is a very soothing choice to end the mini-album.

Final Thoughts

Listening to this album, I fully understand why it so quickly slayed the music charts. GOT7 has truly developed a more mature style over the years, which will help them gain different audiences in the future. Having their group members be a part of the production crew is an advantage for them. It makes the music more personal for the members, and we get to see the real emotion behind it. Overall, this album is a true masterpiece for GOT7. The boys worked very hard, and it definitely shows.


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