MONSTA X - PIECE Japanese album cover art courtesy of Starship Entertainment.
MONSTA X – PIECE Japanese album cover art courtesy of Starship Entertainment.

Following their album ‘The Connect: DejaVu’, MONSTA X released PIECE, a Japanese album. This album consists of 10 songs and is evenly balanced between old and new. Five of the songs are remakes, and the other five are new. And in true MONSTA X fashion, each song is a banger.

The Nostalgia

While the album starts off with a new song called ‘KILLIN ME’, most of the beginning is mainly Japanese remakes of their old hits. In this album, they decided to remake ‘Shine Forever’, ‘Stuck’, ‘Ready Or Not’, ‘Hero’, and ‘Beautiful’. A wonderful selection of songs, in my humble opinion. From their album to the most recent, MONSTA X has truly blessed Japanese Monbebes.

In With The New

Along with the classic MONSTA X jams, the boys presented five new bops in PIECE. To start the album is the song ‘KILLIN ME’. They sing about manipulation and never giving up. This song really gives me ‘Destroyer’ vibes, mainly because of the electric guitar used throughout. Next up is SPOTLIGHT. SPOTLIGHT brings me back to Trespass. Killer beat, and similar drum pattern. They certainly gave themselves the spotlight with this one.

The next song, Aura, is kind of indescribable. Right from the beginning it’s a different style for MONSTA X. Of course they have their signature beat drop and vocals. However, it’s definitely an oddball for them. But it is still a banger.
PUZZLE is the ninth song in the album. To me, it brings back the poppy version of MONSTA X. While still a bop, it’s certainly more toned down for the boys.

Finally, to end the album, MONSTA X introduces the song #GFYL, meaning Gift For Your Love. This song is truly MONSTA X saying thank you to Monbebes and their support over the years. Its lyrics are so sweet and meaningful. It hit me right in the feels because I myself have been a Monbebe for quite some time now. Definitely, a soothing way to end the album.


Overall, I really enjoyed this album. It was a nice and subtle change for MONSTA X. I’m proud of them for finally promoting more to their Japanese fanbase. And I absolutely cannot wait to see, and hear what they have in store for us Monbebes next!

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