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K-pop meets the gaming world in an epic new adventure called Catalyst! Catalyst is an upcoming trading card game in production by veteran K-pop reactor and entrepreneur, Michael Smith-Grant (formerly MrPoPoTV). Bring your love of K-pop to the table (literally) with this creative new crossover. Get ready for adventure! Here’s what you need to know about Catalyst so far!

“Catalyst is an upcoming Trading Card Game based in a fantasy world where universes are converging in the wake of the previous Sovereign’s death. Originally 13 Universes existed, however, due to wars and natural disasters, there are only 10 Universes remaining. As the remnants of the forgotten universes scatter amongst the surviving ones, the worlds continue to evolve. With the ‘Great Calamity’ and the era of peace coming to a close, the appointment of the next ultimate being, the Sovereign, is underway. With an arms race spanning multiple worlds beginning, at the center of it are Catalyst who are vying to create the next Sovereignty.”


Yoohyeon from Dreamcatcher serves as the inspiration for a card in the Catalyst world!
How does K-pop fit into gaming?

Well, Catalyst, similar to any classic tabletop card game (think Magic: The Gathering), will have cards with unique themes and concepts. One such concept for Catalyst is the ‘Nightmare’ Archetype. Join together with me and shriek in delight! If there is any group that comes to mind when the word ‘nightmare’ is mentioned, you KNOW it’s my girls, Dreamcatcher! Inspired by the music videos and concepts of Dreamcatcher, a series of cards are being developed. ‘Widow of Nightmare, Yoohyeon’ is the first card, and a great start, with more coming! Furthermore, more K-pop groups will be incorporated into the game! Starlights, get hype because VIXX is also serving as inspiration for the game. We can look forward to more amazing art and skills inspired by the concept kings themselves!

Yoohyeon is clearly the inspiration for ‘Widow of Nightmare’ as you can see by this pose!

Catalyst will launch with three groups: Dreamcatcher, VIXX, and a third group voted by fans! This gives a unique new way for K-pop fans to enjoy their faves while sharing in traditional gaming pastimes! Catalyst plans to have a digital release in the future for PC and mobile through the use of programs like Kickstarter.  The game is tied to an upcoming series titled ‘Sovereign’ also in production by Michael Smith-Grant.

Catalyst will also offer Starter Decks, which come with a wide assortment of cards and extra bonuses! The cards are almost ready for pre-order. Careful! They are limited with special art versions. Funds from pre-order go towards the production of the game. Be sure to keep your eyes on Seoulwave for updates because will be the first to share all the new details as development continues!



In collaboration with Michael Smith-Grant, we are giving away 8 (count ’em, E I G H T)  versions of the Catalyst cards inspired by Dreamcatcher’s Yoohyeon. Here’s how to win:

Starting today and by Friday, June 15th,

  1. Follow us on Instagram or onTwitter 
  2. Follow Michael Smith-Grant on IG and Twitter (You’ll definitely want to do this since a VIXX card is sure to come out soon)

We will choose four winners from Instagram and four from Twitter. Winners will include two new followers and two current followers. Keep notifications on for each account for details about Catalyst and more K-pop inspired trading cards!



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