Former LC9 member, Eden Park, has decided to officially retire from the music industry. He took to his social media on June 3rd to thank everyone for their years of support. He also asked that fans respect his decision as well as the people who are important to him.

LC9 was a six-member group under Nega Network, home of girl group Brown Eyed Girls. They debuted with the song Mama Beat in 2013, along with a mini album called Skirmish. After the release of the song, Eden left to pursue a solo career and to continue his studies. He signed with Canadian music company MMP Entertainment and began releasing music on his personal Soundcloud. The last upload was a year ago and Eden was quiet except for an occasional post on social media.

His decision to pursue other career paths made me start to think. What causes an idol decide to stop create music? You don’t have to be in the entertainment life to know how difficult it is to “make it”. Trying to become a successful k-pop idol is even more difficult. Perhaps when their first single didn’t do as well as they had hoped, Eden felt it was time to cut his losses. And when that didn’t do well, maybe he decided to move on before he ended up being a 50-year-old musician still living in his parents’ basement.

I know that the last line was a bit harsh but like I said, the entertainment business is a difficult life. Whatever his reasoning, I wish him well in his future endeavors. Deciding to call it quits on something you love is never an easy thing.



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