Should Heterosexual Fans Stan Holland?

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In January, Holland debuted with his music video for the song Neverland. It certainly shook the K-Pop fandom. First of all, Holland is the first artist to show a gay kissing scene in a music video. And the other reason is that Holland is very open about his sexuality, even in Korea.

Should Heterosexual Fans Stan Holland?

The question may seem silly but should be discussed. Yes, you should support whoever you want to support. Support is not a one-way-street; support is for everyone. Everyone deserves support, whether they are straight or gay.

Still, Korea’s views on the LGBTQIA+ community are very strict. Most people in the community choose to not come out because of this. And those who do come out often go through conversion therapy. The fact that Holland is extremely open about it is sensational and applaudable.

According to his interview with SBS Pop Asia, Holland states, “I thought there’s got to be someone like me who discloses their sexual identity.” He always wanted to be a voice for the LGBT community in Korea. The song Neverland is for kids who were having a hard time with their identity. He wished to comfort them.

The LGBT community is to be a loving and encouraging environment for everyone to feel welcome. Even though he knew it would be R-rated, Holland put the kissing scene in his video. He knew it would be effective. He wanted it to be effective and to get more people speaking out about the issues in Korea. Do you think Holland’s debut and activities since then have inspired more acceptance and conversation about acceptance in Korea? Here’s looking forward to positive changes in the future!


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