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BTS has certainly shaken the world this year with their new album, Love Yourself: Tear. With the release of their comeback, the internet freaked. At the Billboard Music Awards, they won top Social Media Artist of the Year. Their fan voting results were insane, compared to American artist nominees. Compared to artists like Justin Bieber, BTS got MILLIONS of fan votes all across social media. Everybody’s wigs were snatched at the performance. Kelly Clarkson had to wear pink fluffy earmuffs to silence out the fan’s screams. It was a lot, but it was wonderful.

Love Yourself Tear
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Because of the international coverage, the boys accomplished an amazing feat on YouTube with the FAKE LOVE music video. The video reached over 40 MILLION views in just 24 hours! The boys have been on major television shows like James Corden’s The Late Late Show, the Ellen Show, and the like. Even on Buzzfeed, they answered questions while they played with puppies. Multiple people have reacted to them and their music thanks to the Fine Bros on YouTube. These reactions have definitely expanded their fanbase over time.

BTS achieved numerous accomplishments with their promotions in America. They collaborated with Steve Aoki on Mic Drop and now The Truth Untold. And they’ve stated that they are looking forward to many more collaborations with international artists.

Overall, this comeback has truly shown just how versatile BTS is as a group, and as people. They’ve improved musically with this album, and RM and Jin have improved their dancing as well. Everything with this comeback is incredibly grown up compared to Love Yourself: Her, which had a more youthful glow. BTS has definitely caught the attention of the world. The question on everyone’s mind now is, what are they going to do next? Let us know what you hope to see in BTS’s future!


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