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Once again, InSomnia, our girls of Dreamcatcher mean business! On May 10th, the seven-member group released their second Mini Album ‘-Nightmare- Escape the ERA’. My mind was blown! I am never disappointed by the songs that Dreamcatcher release and this time was no exception. From the very first notes of ‘Inside – Outside‘ (the intro to the album) to the end, I was enthralled. Something about the dark concepts and electric rock feeling that Dreamcatcher delivers just speak to my rebellious heart. Every track from this group sounds like it could come straight out of an anime soundtrack. I can’t help the nostalgic fondness that I feel when I listen to their music. ‘Escape the ERA’ continues to bring fans the intense and epic aura once more. Here is a breakdown of the album from start to finish!

The album starts with ‘Inside – Outside’. From the very beginning, the short track builds up with strings and comes into a synth-heavy conclusion that leads the listener into the album. The next song, ‘You And I’, is the title track and I did a review of the song and video in an earlier article. I love the energetic sound of the song and the delivery of Dami’s part, in particular, is great for me. I think this was a great choice for the title track. It continues to present fans with Dreamcatcher’s signature hard-edged vibe.

Continuing on with the album we hear ‘Mayday’, which is a slightly more diverse track. The song starts with a piano riff that reminds me a little bit of Coldplay. Then it moves into a grunge-style instrumental backing track that I could definitely see being played during fight scenes in a video game. The vocalists bring it pretty hard in the chorus in this track, and while they sing ‘Mayday, mayday’ I am feeling it.

‘어느 별 (Which a Star)’ is a song that has a slightly hopeful feeling. The music is mostly electronic and less guitar driven, with a floaty vibe. This song definitely gives us a different side of Dreamcatcher. It delivers a softer side that is a nice break in the album from the aggressive rock sound.

I am LOVING the outfits for this comeback! Source @hf_dreamcatcher Official Twitter

‘Scar (이 더럽고도 추한…)’ finishes out the album on a strong note. The opening puts me right back into my high school days of watching anime after school. The opening riff fills the song with energy. The chorus has a nice, simple delivery that would be really easy to sing along with and I can see this being a great crowd-pleaser in future concerts. The backing track has a great ‘epic’ vibe with a victorious feeling to it, broken up by occasional moments of softness in the piano and vocal tone. I am really enjoying the dynamic shifts in sound during this track and can see myself listening to it a lot! The album also includes an instrumental for ‘You And I’ that is nice to listen to and makes you appreciate the rock sound of the group even more.

If you’re new to Dreamcatcher or have been a fan for a long time, be sure to give ‘-Nightmare’ Escape The ERA’ a listen and share your thoughts with the Seoulwave team!

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