Source: BTS Official Twitter @bts_bighit

On May 18th, much of the K-pop world held its breath as BTS released their third full length studio album ‘Love Yourself: Tear’.

Source: BTS Official Twitter @bts_bighit

There had been a whirlwind of theories going around about what type of sound the album would have. Would it continue in the EDM/Pop heavy sound that they’d been following recently? Are they going to return back to their Hip Hop and R&B roots? Would they take on some new genres? No one was quite sure what to expect, and the teasers they released only served to confuse everyone further.

The frenzy started when they randomly released a video called Love Yourself: Wonder Euphoria, but it wasn’t stated that it was the comeback trailer (to read about that video in depth, click here).  About a month later, almost exactly, they dropped the comeback trailer entitled ‘LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear ‘Singularity’ Comeback Trailer’.

Now these two videos and songs had two completely different vibes, looks and sounds. First, Euphoria’s video was very bright, colorful, and “happy.” It gave you a feeling of ‘euphoria’, of true happiness with friends or a significant other; it was hopeful. Singularity on the other hand, had a very dark vibe to it. It was very sensual and dare I say sinful in a way. Euphoria fell more in the realm of pop and edm with a very upbeat/bright beat while Singularity had a slow burning, neo-soul and jazz sound. The opening lyrics of ‘Euphoria’ say: “You are the sun that rose again in my life\The second coming of my youthful dreams”. In the opposite vein, some of the lyrics of ‘Singularity’ are: “Have I lost myself/Or have I gained you”.

You can probably see where I’m going with this; we were confused! The fans were desperate to know so that they could try and prepare themselves for the comeback. Not that it would have helped! Despite the murkiness concerning the sound and vibes to expect of the album, everyone was still ridiculously excited to have new music and choreography from the boys!

Now, I won’t get too in-depth here, it’s coming up in the next two articles, but the album, videos, and choreography that we did get from BTS was so far beyond our imaginations. They experimented, respectfully, in a variety of genres. Gave us a video layered with meaning, tying together many different eras, and much more.

To analyze and review the album in detail with me, please click here! Lets keep talking about this record breaking album!

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