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This high touch recap is a continuation of my Paint It Rose in New York Experience with The Rose:


Dojoon is always full of smiles for fans!
Photo credit, Melissa, Seoulwave

Dojoon was first for high touch and when I walked up he had a smile on his face. I expected a high five but he put both hands up and held mine against his. Palm to palm, full eye contact, giant grins on our faces. He said hello to me and I did my best to say “I’m so proud of you, thank you so much for coming, I really love your music!” He wiggled my hands side to side nodding and thanked me. I thought that I was handling myself pretty well until I moved along and almost had a heart attack.


Look. At. Jaehyeong. I honestly don’t know how I survived!
Photo credit, Melissa, Seoulwave

There, next in line, was THE BIAS, Jaehyeong. When I approached him and put my hands up I could FEEL my body shaking. I looked up into his eyes and the world imploded. When I looked up at him his grin hit me right in the chest. He curled his fingers around mine and HELD ONTO THEM! I did my best to tell him I loved him and that I had fun at the show but if someone paid me to repeat what I said, I wouldn’t be able to. Then, Jaehyeong tilted his head to the side and told me with his own lips that he loved me too as he kinda squeezed my hands. I am no longer living at this point.


Hajoon doing what he does best! Photo credit, Melissa, Seoulwave

These things go quickly so I had to let go of Jaehyeong. Right after that was Hajoon and he was so adorable! Hajoon was a bit shy as he locked his fingers with my hands. Let’s go on the record and say every one of them has the softest, smoothest hands of any human I have ever touched. Please tell me what lotion they use. I was SO happy that I got to look at Hajoon and tell him to his face that I am proud of him and thank him. Out of all of the members, I feel he is less appreciated. I went into the high touch determined to tell him how much I loved him. He was so cute as he smiled told me he loved me too. Hajoon kept a hold on my hands the longest out of all of them as I talked to him. Even though he’s a bit shy, I think he was enjoying being able to meet the fans face to face. I will never be over how proud I am of this group.


Sammy with the voice of an angel! Photo credit, Melissa, Seoulwave

Sammy was at the end of the line. I moved on from Hajoon and before I could blink Sammy took my hands, leaned forward and grinned his signature LIFE RUINING smile. Next thing I know, he opened his mouth and said ‘I LOVE YOUR HAIR!’ He was shaking my hands back and forth and making me internally combust because DID HE REALLY JUST SAY THAT??? I was internally screaming as I held onto him and thanked him. I tried to express how happy I was and that I love their music so much. I’m sure he got the message and he told me he loved me and thanked me for coming to the show. When I tell you that I will NEVER get over this moment, NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE. The night ended by going outside and screaming at the top of my lungs in the muggy New York air that Sammy told me he loved my hair while fellow Black Roses joined in with their experiences. It was such an amazing time and I place this concert in the top five of my life.

What a FANTASTIC start to the Paint It Rose Tour in America!



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