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Consider this my official warning, readers. Watch me melt into a puddle of fangirl mess over how AMAZING my experience seeing The Rose live in New York at Irving Plaza was this weekend. I have been following this group since they debuted with their first single, ‘Sorry’. Since then, I have proudly been trash for the entire group and I wear my ‘Black Rose’ (the fandom name) title with pride. Being able to go see them live has been on my list of goals since I first heard their music. Let me tell you, I was NOT disappointed!

Jaehyeong grooves the bass and looks fine doing it!

I was very lucky to get VIP tickets that included a High Touch with the band after the show! The My Music Taste staff were all really nice and helpful to the poor concertgoers as we were standing in the pouring rain. Everything was fairly well organized and overall the wait wasn’t so bad. We all huddled together and made new friendships with fellow fans. I love meeting new people when I go to concerts! Who doesn’t enjoy meeting others who love the same things as themselves?

Dojoon all smiles, all night!

When The Rose came onto the stage, the night became one big party. From start to finish, Black Roses enthusiastically sang along with every song the group played. The members even said they were impressed with the crowd.  Naturally, we all started losing our collective minds every time they complimented us. I can honestly say that Black Roses are one of the loudest, most passionate crowds I have ever been in. The energy was amazing! Standing in the middle of this kind of crowd gives you a unique, energizing vibe. Despite being soggy from the rain, the crowd was alive and kicking! At one point, the band split into pairs to give special performances. Hajoon and Jaehyeong blessed us with more singing, while Sammy and Dojoon gave us some swag and dancing.

Hajoon in that suit!

The setlist included the tracks from the band’s first mini album ‘Void’. The Rose also played cover songs that we could sing along to and a couple of unreleased original tracks. Sammy lead us in a sing-along that introduced a new, unreleased track to the crowd, creating a special moment between the band and Black Roses. Afterward, he said that he thinks Black Roses are the best choir as we sang along with them. My fangirl heart soared! It was such a thrill to be surrounded by people as passionate as I am about this group. They are still ‘new’ and haven’t been on the scene officially for an entire year yet! The atmosphere was very intimate and the band chatted and laughed with us all night.

Sammy’s vocals are amazing live!
I couldn’t have asked for more in a live show from them. The Rose closed out the set with ‘Sorry’. I will proudly admit that I felt such a rush of pride in how far they’ve come that I may have cried some true proud momma tears. After the concert ended, we were separated into a VIP line by the staff and everyone started buzzing with nerves for high touch. We were all anticipating the brief, but wonderful moment of a high five and a quick ‘I love you!’ to the members that would last in our memories forever. Let me tell you, what we really got felt like much, MUCH more. Be on the lookout for my next article to read about my experience meeting The Rose! You don’t want to miss my detailed explanation of how my entire life has been attacked by four men in a hallway!



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