Daebak K-pop with IMMY is a weekly K-pop radio show with interviews, listener requests, giveaways, segments and all things Hallyu! The show began in 2016 and since then has gathered an audience in more than twenty-five countries! You can catch the show online every Sunday live at 4-6pm (EST) with DJ Immy. Below is the setlist of songs played on today’s show which was an album review of K-pop project group JBJ (Just Be Joyful).

  1. Call Your name (부를게)
  2. ☆☆(Be Joyful)
  3. Just Be Stars
  4. J.B.J. (Intro)
  5. Fantasy
  6. Say My Name
  7. Ride With Me (오늘부터)
  8. As If In A Dream (꿈을 꾼 듯)
  9. 예뻐 (CD Only)
  10. True Colors
  11. On My Mind
  12. My Flower (꽃이야)
  13. Moonlight
  14. Wonderful Day
  15. Everyday (매일)
  16. Everyday (매일) [Love ver.] (CD Only)

Check out Twitter or Instagram to make a song request or find out the theme of next week’s show~ & REMEMBER if it LOOKS good… if it FEELS good… if it SMELLS good… and most of all if it SOUNDS good, then it’s KPOP!!

Missed today’s show? You can listen to it here and make sure to keep up with IMMY and all her projects. Don’ forget to use the hashtag #DaebakKpopIMMY See you next Sunday!

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