Fellow fans of the popular but short-lived boy group, JBJ (Just Be Joyful), join me in one last celebration of their music. I put off writing this article so I could take a minute (or a week) to collect myself after the bittersweet ending of one of my most beloved K-pop acts. From their beginning up until their last days as a group, JBJ delivered fun, entertaining content for fans as well as releasing great music, and before their last goodbye, they also released two music videos for Joyful’s to remember them by.

‘Call Your Name’ released on April 17th and the video made my heart clench so many times that I lost count. Although the scene portrays the members having fun and smiling together on the beach, the lyrics of the song remind us that JBJ as a group will not go on. “Don’t forget me. One fine day I’ll call your name.” The lyrics had me right in the feels from the start. The song itself is wonderful, showcasing each member’s vocals and delivering a summery vibe that will definitely have me jamming sadly all season long.

After that, on April 29th, the group released a final music video for their song ‘Just Be Stars‘. This video gives us more footage from that same day on the beach, before transitioning to show clips of the members backstage and during various activities that they did as a group like photoshoots and the recording session for the song itself. The music video is full of memories and makes it feel like a sad goodbye as the lyrics say “Don’t forget these stars, it’s not a farewell. as we were beautiful, let’s make a promise to meet again.” We also see vulnerable moments of the members crying during their performance. The end of the video shows the group giving a final goodbye, as the music comes to a soft ending in the background.

I for one am going to miss JBJ so much. I’m very proud of their success as a group and I wish that they could have gone on longer to show more of their music to the world. Fans will be sure to keep up with the members in whatever work they carry on with as individuals in the future. Let’s keep cheering for the JBJ boys, and remain Joyfuls in our hearts forever!

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