The sprinKle Podcast: It’s about time Hallyu got real


The Hallyu Wave can be exciting, new and quite an experience BUT it’s missing something… a sprinkle of truth. Something that your favorite Hallyu YouTubers, K-pop Journalists and media outlets cannot completely “disclose”. Sometimes you just need that unfiltered truth or educated opinion in a wave that’s based on fantasy. You need us, “The sprinKle Podcast”

#ThesprinKlePodcast was created by its four hosts who come from all different backgrounds, locations, and perspectives in the Hallyu Wave and the world. Alejandro (Ale), Immy, Kaylee, and Shari share many titles between them. From YouTuber, Digital Journalist, Radio DJ and many more! Listen to our Podcast where we talk every second Tuesday of the month. We’ll bring some unpopular opinions to light and educate these self-proclaimed “K-pop fans”. We won’t be too harsh… just a sprinkle~

The pilot episode is live! Give it a listen and subscribe for more episodes. The hosts are always open to feedback and some of your own sprinkle of opinions.

Watch the first episode here.


–Immy is a U.S. east coast girl who talks and writes about the world she has never seen with an open heart. When not crying over the latest K-pop release she channels some of that energy into writing for Seoulwave and MACG Magazine. She is also a Social Media Coordinator for MACG Productions LLC and produces/hosts her own K-pop radio show called “Daebak K-pop with IMMY”


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