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It seems that K-pop artists are living in a dream world these days. The year has barely changed seasons and three different artists have already bestowed three different songs upon us with the same title. J-Hope, Jooyoung, and Sungmin all dropped distinctly different songs about daydreaming. If daydreaming is your mood right now, at least one of these songs might be the perfect fit for you.

J-Hope (Daydream)

J-Hope of BTS is well known for his sunshine-like personality. His smile fuels many an ARMY’s day. So when he released the video to Day Dream from his new mixtape this past March, it was no surprise that his version is as vibrant and eclectic as he is. J-Hope’s raspy voice rapping over the festive beat is like a fun party even though the lyrics are a bit more realistic. Daydream gives ARMY a peek into Hobie’s thoughts about his inner desires and dreams. Like many of us, he professes to day dreaming about love, life, and happiness. The video has racked in well over 51 million views in just over a month. You won’t be able to sit still while listening to J-Hope’s version of daydream. Although the lyrics aren’t all that cheerful, the song inspires imagination and sense of freedom one might feel while day dreaming about happier things.

Jooyoung (Daydream)

I’ve been singing Jooyoung’s praises for a while now. His work just keeps getting better and better. His latest release, Fountain, includes a style of daydreaming all his own. Jooyoung’s daydream is completely the opposite of J-Hope’s cheerful, happy dream. Instead, in typical Jooyoung fashion, he slows things down a bit and focuses on the woman in his arms. The sensual melody caressing his voice is nothing short of beautiful. Because the music makes him sound so enticing, you might think the lyrics are bold as well, but they’re not. They are actually very endearing. His heart is captivated by a loving moment and he is essentially describing how spending time with his love is like a daydream.

Sungmin (Day Dream)

As different as Jooyoung’s daydream is from J-Hope’s, Sungmin has almost no similarities to the other two. Unlike J-Hope and Jooyoung who sing of hope and happiness, Sungmin expresses the sadness of a daydream. His voice is soft and poignant as he carefully fills each note with longing and purpose. Sungmin’s deeply touching rendition of this fight against a painful reality is heart-rending. The veteran singer masterfully evokes emotion so real that your heart will ache. Your mind, heart, and body will sway in the wind of his handsome vocals.

Even though they all have the same title, each one of these songs is different and amazing in their own ways. Of course, you may not like all three, but I urge you to give each of them a listen. The fact that one word can inspire three entirely different meanings is astonishing in and of itself. We should appreciate this exceptional moment in music.


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