Yoon Mirae JamCome On Baby Cover Art Photo Credit: Feel Ghood Music

WARNING: This is a 21+ article. If you are not drinking age, this isn’t for you. Where are my grown K-pop fans? Have you ever been listening to a really good K-pop song and thought, “Wow, I could really use a drink right now?” I find myself craving certain types of drinks when listening to some of my favorite K-pop artists. Here are a few that always set the right mood for me.

JooYoung – Dive

Jooyoung is the inspiration for this article. I recently listened to his latest album, Fountain, and found myself grooving toward the kitchen. This man’s voice reminds me of soft rain and cuddles. There is no pairing perfect for this song more than Grand Marnier and Sprite. Its mellow flavor warms the body just like Jooyoung’s voice does. It’s a lovely pairing for a cozy night in.

Sik-K – Rendezvous

Sik-K is definitely not children. He plays no games. Therefore, the drink he inspires cannot either. I love how expressive he is, even more so how daring his lyrics can be. Whenever I hear his voice, I always want to take a sip of vodka and cranberry juice. The smooth burn with a hint of sweetness sets my soul on fire, just like this song does. Sik-K blends singing with rapping so he sounds like he is mumbling sometimes. Oddly enough it works for him.

Royal Pirates – Without You

I love ballads, so I really get into soft rock too. Royal Pirates does this song right. It’s like a wild animal that’s been domesticated. It seems sweet until it unleashes its primal instinct on you. Whenever I hear the guitar break in this song, I think of a soju shot. Soju is sweet and easy until you stand up. Then it’s wild and reckless. This song makes me feel a little wild with uninhibited emotion.

Yoon MiRae – JamCome On Baby (both versions)

Listen, Yoon MiRae’s voice is so versatile that you could find a song from her discography to fit any mood. Though I have to say, that this song is the one that really does it for me. It is both feminine sensuality and strong decisiveness wrapped up in a pretty package. Women are expected to be demure and coy but JamCome On rides the line. I love to listen to it while sipping my favorite red wine. The boldness of the wine coupled with the confidence of the lyrics is so empowering. I tend to listen to the Korean version first then the English version. Although they are both the same song, the lyrics are slightly different due to translation. So it’s basically my alter ego and my favorite song.




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