How long have you been a K-pop fan? Any longer than two years and it’s almost certain that you’ve experienced the dread of disbandment. Newer fans have to get used to the revolving door of acts. It can be a bit alarming to encounter three or four within a short time period, but we quickly learn that it’s just the way it is in K-pop. As much as we’d like to avoid the pain of our faves disbanding, we just can’t. Instead, we can only pray to the K-pop gods to allow a reunion. Here are a few groups on my prayer list right now.

MIB (Most Incredible Busters/Men In Black)

MIB was a technically a rap group with one vocalist. The members were KangNam, Young Cream, 5Zic, and Sims. They were well before their time. When MIB debuted, K-pop rappers still weren’t being taken seriously. There was a clear divide between idol rappers and “real” rappers. That is until BTS came along and RM, Suga, and J-hope proved that idol rappers can spit fire too. Maybe K-netizens were too used to candy K-pop and preferred it over a more rugged, rap-centered group.  Now that BTS has broken the mold, there’s new hope in my heart for MIB. If MIB were to come back now under a different label with a stronger vision *cough–Big Hit–cough*, they could probably succeed. I just really want to see this group do well because talent like Cream is really going to waste right now. Their disbandment was so heartbreaking because the whole squad is talented. KangNam is the only member still actively broadcasting.


When I say Spica can sing, I mean they can seriously SANG. SPICA can bring the house down, yet they never received the attention their talent deserves. In a world full of cotton-candy, cutesy groups, they were overlooked. While SPICA did experience some measure of success, for the most part, they weren’t really popular. K-pop groups already struggle because of the sheer number of groups debuting. It’s even harder for female groups because the K-pop fandom is female dominated. Although for the past year or two, girl groups have been coming back strong. In addition, fans are starting to appreciate groups with the “sound” and not just the “look.” Moreover, older fans like myself really appreciate the maturity level SPICA brings to K-pop. That’s why I would love to see them make an amazing comeback and reclaim the stage. The unfortunate part for me is that I only discovered SPICA shortly before they split. So I feel deprived of their greatness.


This was one of the hardest disbandments to accept for me. I LOVE ballads, whether American or Korean. 2AM has always captured the essence of emotion in their songs. JoKwon is the king of showing emotion on his face and in his voice. He was also my 2AM bias, so when he and his group mates announced their split, I was devastated. 2AM is one of the few second-generation K-pop groups that actually sang ballads very well in my opinion. Ballad groups still aren’t that well received in the international fandom, as far as I can tell. So maybe right now isn’t the best time for them to reunite, but that one won’t stop me from praying fervently for their reunion.

Let us know which k-pop group you’d like to see active again in the comment section below!


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