Easy by Whee In ft Sik-K Photo credit: RBW

Mamamoo’s lead vocalist, Whee In, released a new song with H1HGR Music rapper, Sik-K, called Easy. This will be the title track to an upcoming solo album for the artist. Easy is absolutely an easy song to get into. Its mid-tempo groove with R&B chords makes it repeat-worthy for your summer playlist. Sik-K’s flow blends perfectly with Whee In’s powerful voice.

The music video compliments the groovy style of the song well with its neon lights and smooth dancing. It’s got a real Miami feel to it. So it’s a sunny bop. Hwasa also makes a brief appearance in the video. She is a fan favorite because of her powerful vocals and curvaceous figure.

Photo Source: Sik-K Twitter @Minsik_Updates

Whee In is going for the title of summer female anthem with this one. Easy goes in on Whee In’s lover for thinking she’s an easy girl. She not so calmly explains that she is far from easy and was only trying to adjust herself to his mood to keep his interest. Like any strong woman, she gave up that hopeless thought after realizing how little he thinks of her and promptly dumps him. Sik-K chimes in as the foolish lover begging for forgiveness. Whee In’s not having it. I am so ready for a new woman’s them so I liked it.  

Despite some of the problematic racial incidents from their past, I can’t deny Mamamoo’s vocal talent. I personally only gave this one a listen because I am a fan of Sik-k, but I cannot say that I was disappointed in Whee In at all. I do hope Mamamoo learns from this behavior and takes their international fans concerns to heart in the future. Although, I do understand those that are not supporting.

Check out the video and let us know what you think. Also mak,e sure to follow Sik-K on social media to stay up to date on his upcoming music.

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