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On April 16th, K-Rock band The Rose released their first official mini-album, titled ‘Void’. The group’s fans, known by their fandom name as Black Rose, have been eagerly waiting for this since the group debuted last August. Previous singles ‘Sorry’ and ‘Like We Used To’ have been on all of my playlists for months, and I was more than ready to sit down to listen to the album in full when it dropped.

Void’ kicks off with ‘Candy (So Good)’. This song is upbeat, with a melody you can definitely bop along to. There’s a gentle, love song vibe that makes it a great choice for the first song on the album. Its pace makes it a perfect fit for my ‘road trip playlist’ and while it’s a bit premature to say, I could easily see it becoming my favorite track on the album.

‘Baby’, the title track, is the next song on the album. The Rose has been performing this one at shows for a while now. While the song isn’t new to fans, hearing a studio version and seeing the new music video makes up for the familiar sound. The video is interesting. Each scene has a slight grunge look that suits the four-piece band vibe. Woosung’s vocals are beautiful as always, but my favorite part of the song is when Dojoon comes in for the high note harmony on the chorus.
Source: The Rose Official Facebook

‘I.L.Y’ is next, and it’s your classic slow love song. I appreciate the delicate piano on this track paired with the soft vocals all through the beginning. The band shows their softer side once again with their debut single, ‘Sorry’, next on the tracklist. I will always love this song so much because for me that’s where my heart fell in love with The Rose. Rounding out the tracklist is ‘Like We Used To’, which also got a video back in November.

Overall, ‘Void’ has been one of my favorite albums of the first half of the year. I’m practically dying of impatience for the tour to come because your girl is going to see The Rose in New York in just a couple of weeks! Being able to see these songs played live is going to be a dream come true for me!

If you want to learn more about The Rose check out their Youtube channel here. 

Find tickets for their continuing tour here and catch me in New York on the 19th! 


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