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Starlights everywhere are reveling in the recent release of VIXX’s third album, ‘Eau De VIXX‘. One listen to the album and it’s easy to see why. VIXX of Jellyfish Entertainment has long been deemed ‘The Concept Kings’ of the K-pop world. Something about their music just feeds into the realm of science fiction, fantasy, and mildly creepy horror-esque scenes. Over and over they have brought to us music videos filled with spine-tingling visuals and catchy, dynamic beats, and ‘Scentist’ is no exception to their long history of thrilling their fans.

‘Scentist’ is our title track from the new album, and the music video left me screaming! As long as I can remember, I have had a massive problem with the name of Leo and this time around they made Him. White. Blonde. I CAN’T.


Take a look at this video for yourself and tell me that you didn’t clench your fists at one of these men at least once. Moving on. The song itself is fantastic, and I am never disappointed in VIXX when it comes to their title tracks. I am a huge fan of synth and the combination along with the staccato percussion in the track was so pleasing to listen to. I’m sure I don’t even need to mention the vocals when it comes to these men. You already know. And if you didn’t before, you’re welcome.

The vibrant colors and slightly eerie laboratory-like setting of the video make it feel EXACTLY like a VIXX music video should. I couldn’t get enough while I was watching. There’s so much more I could say about this video, the snake (I’m a fan, having kept one as a pet for a long time in the past), the weird kids, the dancing… Ravi’s hair!

Source: @RealVIXX Official Twitter
VIXX has always been and will continue to be one of my absolute favorite groups just based on their videos alone. I come from a long history of watching horror and movies about dystopian worlds and they have given us so many videos that feed my love of oddities and spooky things over the years. I’m already anxiously awaiting what stunning visuals they’ll bring out next time. I suppose that can wait while I go watch the ‘Scentist’ MV another few dozen times…

What did you think about the ‘Scentist’ video, readers? Share this article with your fellow Starlights and enjoy the new album! 



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