Source: Pentagon Official Twitter @CUBE_PTG

My favorite Cube Entertainment group, Pentagon, is back again! I’ve been so excited for their new mini album, ‘Positive’ and I was not disappointed when it dropped. While they are still considered ‘Rookies’ in the K Music world, Pentagon always delivers great music and fun videos. I love that they write, produce, and choreograph most of their own stuff as well. Despite being a ten-member group, which might feel like a lot, I have fallen in love with each one of them and know all of their little quirks and differences.

This time around, the title track is called ‘Shine’. The song has been stuck in my head FOR DAYS! ‘Shine’ is such an upbeat, bouncy song and the video is absolutely filled with 90’s nostalgia. The lyrics are about having a long time crush but being too shy to confess. Meanwhile, the dance is packed with absolute meme-worthy moves. The member’s outfits remind me of the movies I watched growing up and I couldn’t help but laugh at some of the dance moves in the choreo. I love the simple piano in the melody and the playful vibe of the music is such a pick me up after all of this bad weather!

Source: Pentagon Official Twitter @CUBE_PTG

The rest of the album is also fantastic! Of course, this is coming from a die-hard fan, so you’ll have to check it out and see if you agree with me! ‘Off Road’ is the other song the group is promoting right now. It has a softer feeling to it, and the vocals slay as usual. I LOVE the harmony and the descending melody line in the chorus of this song. The first time I heard it, I got chills. I find myself humming and singing along to this one as the EDM background makes me roll my shoulders when I hear it.

If you haven’t been on the Pentagon train I highly recommend you give them a chance! Be sure to check out their new mini album ‘Positive’ and give them some love on their Twitter and Instagram


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