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Just when we thought that NCT was going to give us a rest following the release of the ‘EMPATHY’ album, Ten said “nope!” A couple of days ago we started getting images of Ten on NCT’s twitter. The images featured Ten and the words ‘New Heroes’ in red. They had just released a fairly unexpected video for their song ‘YESTODAY’ when they began dropping the teaser images. I’m not sure if this is a k-pop thing or not, but they only gave us 5 days to prepare; why the quick turnaround?!








A teaser video was dropped the day before the release date. It only featured a bass drum kick and the line “we’re the new heroes.” There was no way really to gauge what type of song ‘New Heroes’ would be. All we could do was wait and see.

The ‘New Heroes’ music video by Ten was released on April 6th, and it was not at all what I was expecting. First and foremost, the song is in English! I want to say that this was a good strategic move for SM. With the recent breakthroughs in the West with BTS, Monsta X, and others, this was a cool move. It also helps that the song is in the EDM genre, which has been very popular lately.

There aren’t a lot of lyrics to talk about, but the song is very much so an “overcome” type of song. It talks about becoming stronger from your struggles and failures. Learning hard life lessons about people and the world on your journey. And of course, becoming someone loved and revered; a new hero. At the end of the video, the saying: “turn my mess into messages learn from the lessons and keep on keep on keep on.” ‘New Heroes’ is the perfect encouraging, summer theme song for everyone who’s been beaten down throughout the winter.

How did you like the song? Feeling encouraged yet? I’m gonna go plan some things to do over the summer while listening to this song!

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