Source: Monsta X Official Twitter

My kings of hip hop infused EDM, Monsta X, have stepped back onto the scene with their new album ‘The Connect’! I believe that with this new album comes a new album series. Previously, the series had been named “The Clan” which consisted of the Lost, Guilty, and Beautiful albums. In reality, this new series may have began with ‘The Code’ album but I’m not 100% sure.

Source: Monsta X Official Twitter

This album features seven songs, which members Wonho, I.M and Jooheon had a hand in creating. True to the sound that the group has come to master, the album has their hip-hop and R&B infused EDM sound that they’re known for.

The title song is Jealousy, which has a dark and sexy sound, which they said was the concept for this comeback; this is also clearly displayed in the music video. The song choreography features some sensual, difficult, and trending dance moves. The dance definitely makes you wish that you could do it, but you know that it’s not realistic. Monsta X are staking their claim on their Monbebes (their fan club name). They are admitting to being jealous of the other guy they’re talking to.

The next song is ‘Destroyer’ which we heard in their music film. If you want to get more into that you can go hereWhat I will say is that it has a heavy beat and air around the song. The lyrics talk about a love, a relationship that seems kind of toxic and destructive. They are connected regardless if it is healthy or not.

The next song ‘Fallin” starts off with a kind of aggressive feel to it, thanks to Jooheon and I.M’s opening rap. The members said in their VLive that they really enjoy this song. The song eventually gives way to a traditional party, dance, rave EDM sound penetrated with the boys’ sweet vocals.

Source: Monsta X Official Twitter

Next, we get into a couple of slower songs with ‘Crazy in Love’ and ‘Lost in the Dream’. The vibe that I get from this entire album, especially after hearing these two songs, is a difficult relationship. It seems like they are going back and forth with themselves about this situation they’ve found themselves in. They’re crazy in love, but it is destructive, jealous, toxic, etc. It’s all of these things, yet they don’t want to lose them, they want to stay lost in the dream.

Then we transition to a sweet song with ‘If Only’ that seems kind of reconciliatory. This is the song that Wonho proudly wrote. With the lyrics and vocals of this song, it seems as though the boys are trying to make amends with their lover. It has come to a point in the album where they want to try and make this crazy love work.

Lastly, it closes out with ‘Special’, written by Jooheon. This song following the previous three songs was kind of interesting to me. When I looked up the lyrics I kind of understood why. This song represents the reclaiming of their confidence in this relationship. They are telling their lover to throw away their worries, that they aren’t perfect but its okay. They are saying that they and the relationship are both special.

I think Monsta X really took us around the different feelings that can happen in a relationship that isn’t going as smoothly as one might imagine. I personally love the album, and after thinking about it while writing this article, I love it even more!

What do you think? Give it a listen and see how it makes you feel!



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