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I’m not sure if there was ever a more anticipated BTS Japanese album like ‘Face Yourself,’ released on April 4th. A couple of weeks ago on Twitter, a part of a song from ‘Face Yourself’ was “leaked”. Everyone was excited because the boys’ vocals and falsettos were breathtaking.

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Fast forward to the day the album was released, and everyone was shocked! Not only was the song that had been leaked, ‘Don’t Leave Me’, the bop that everyone expected, but another song caught our attention. While they were doing their promotions in Japan, BTS kept mentioning to pay special attention to the two NEW Japanese songs. They were right to keep pointing that out because they are the most talked about songs on the album.

A lot of fans are having trouble deciding which song is their favorite; is it ‘Don’t Leave Me’ or ‘Let Go’? Fans started to discuss the songs within the theme of the Love Yourself/Face Yourself era.

‘Don’t Leave Me’ gives off a desperate feeling of not wanting your loved one or other half to leave you alone. It carries on the EDM trend that BTS has stuck to for the past couple of albums. For it being in the EDM family it is very subdued save for the chorus. Much of the song relies on piano or keys heavily while the chorus brings in the heavy trap/house beat.  Jungkook, Jimin, and Jin all stay in high falsetto range while singing the chorus. This leaves V to carry the lower register notes elsewhere.

Then you have ‘Let Go’ which is more of a bittersweet sounding song that talks about being ready to let go of someone. Just like ‘Don’t Leave Me’ it carries that EDM genre though it has a very sweet sound. I’ve noticed that something BTS tends to do well is put meaningful and sometimes sad lyrics on a more upbeat/light sounding instrumental. This is another song where BTS’ vocal line is able to flex their vocal chords and test the limits of their ranges. They pull it off beautifully if I do say so myself.

Other songs worth noting are ‘Intro: Ringwanderung’, ‘Crystal Snow’, and ‘Outro: Crack’. I named these specifically because they all have a special Japanese feel to them. The Japanese versions of the Korean songs are absolutely stunning in that they give the songs a different feel. Still, the Korean versions get stuck in your head. When I listen to ‘Intro’, ‘Crystal Snow’ and ‘Outro’, I am reminded of watching anime on cloudy Saturdays and not doing anything else. These songs deserved to be used as an opening or ending theme for an anime! SOMEONE, PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Overall, this album gives a feel of introspection like the title ‘Face Yourself‘ probably intends. The songs, both in title and in lyrics, make you think about who you are, who you love, your relationships and if you are the best you that you can be in those relationships.

Did it make you feel anything? Did you enjoy it? Go listen to it now!


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