Where were you when BTS decided to randomly drop Euphoria: Theme of LOVE YOURSELF 起 Wonder’? I was at work, as was may of my fellow ARMYs as the day had just begun. At 12 AM KST, which was 11 AM for me, Big Hit dropped a youtube video with title mentioned above. The fandom just got hit with the Face Yourself Japanese album on April 6th; no one was expecting to get any more BTS content for a while.

When I tell you I had to try so hard not to scream! This video was so beyond unexpected, Twitter quickly went into a frenzy. I’m sure you don’t even have to ask if “Euphoria” became the #1 trending topic worldwide. There were no real expectations, but many assumed that the video would be similar to that of Jimin’s Serendipity‘, which was the intro for the Love Yourself: Her album. What we were presented with was a video that was almost ten minutes long and was reminiscent of the highlight reels and prologue video.

Source: BigHit Entertainment Official YouTube

With that being said, the theories started to fly! I’m not one for making up different theories about what’s going on in BTS’ universe, but the connections were undeniable. The video opens up in the same location from the prologue video where V jumps off the scaffolding. You see Jungkook saving Suga from the fire that he started back in the Most Beautiful Moment in Life era inI NEED U. There is a glimpse of Jimin and J-Hope in the hospital reminiscent of the Wings era short films.There is a lot going on in this video, to say the least; the tying together of the different eras dating all the way back to 2015 is masterful.

Source: BigHit Entertainment official YouTube

The song entitled ‘Euphoria’, which everyone is assuming to be the intro for the album, has to be discussed too! It is such a wistful and whimsical sounding EDM song that I have to like it. I’m not one to really get into EDM, it just doesn’t touch me like other genres. This song though, had a beautiful, light and soft sound while carrying a melancholic air about it. The video itself showed the boys being joyous and happy with each other a lot; and when paired with the song, it still has a mysterious and slightly heavy aura. Melancholy is the only word that can describe the feeling I got from the video and song together.

You could probably spend hours on youtube finding all the different theories about the storylines of each member and how they connect to each other. These eras connecting in this way make you wonder if BigHit really had this planned out all these years. Either way, thinking about it all is a lot of fun, but also very tiring. I think I’ll leave that up to the more experienced conspiracy theorist ARMYs.

Did you notice any connections in this video? Should I give the theories a go? Have fun playing FBI with this one! Check out the Euphoria video above!



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