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Justin Park is back with another bop. One of the artists listed on our five artists that can change the game article, Justin is here to remind us that he is continuously working to improve his craft and this song shows just how dedicated he is. Nahimmastay, pronounced Namaste, is the song you didn’t know you needed and can’t get enough of.

I will be honest, I have been a fan of Justin’s ever since I had the privilege of interviewing him during KCON LA 2017. I’ve been waiting for a new original release from him and Nahimmastay did not disappoint me. The instrumentals and background vocals compliment Justin’s tenor well and the visuals… oh my goodness. Nahimmastay’s music video is a collaboration with clothing line Drifter Industries, so I expected the clothing to be the main feature. They kept Justin in simple, classic all black which complimented him well and didn’t distract the viewer from the song.

If you follow Justin online, you know that in addition to working hard on creating music, he has been in the gym a lot, working on his fitness. I’m sure many of his fans were looking forward to seeing the results in this video yet he stays fully clothed. I’m actually glad that he did because it wasn’t needed. Don’t get me wrong, Justin has a beautiful physique but I find that some artists don’t feel confident in their vocals so they do a lot of extra stuff in their videos to distract you from the song. Justin doesn’t need to do that. Nahimmastay could have been released as an audio track only and I’m confident that it would have done well. It’s just that good.

What’s next for Justin Park? Make sure you follow and support him as well as his label, 5A Label on their social media to find out.

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