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After waiting for weeks since the announcement of the new Youtube Red special giving fans a behind the scenes look at BTS Wings Tour last year, the day has finally come for ARMY to get a taste of everything that goes into the concert they have shared with the world. Twitter was full of buzzing fans waiting impatiently for Burn The Stage to drop at 12AM KST, trending the hashtag #BurnTheStageIsComing at number one worldwide as everyone got ready to see what BTS and Big Hit had to share. As soon as the first two episodes were released, I was glued to my screen.

Fans have been anxious to see just how much was going to be revealed in Burn The Stage, not sure what struggles and hardships we were going to discover. It is both fascinating and a little bit heartbreaking to see just how much work BTS has put into their show for us. As always, they give their all, practicing as much as possible and also planning ahead in order to deliver the best entertainment they can manage for fans.

Jimin discusses his feeling about working with BTS members. Source: BANGTANTV Youtube

Allow me to get a little sappy here as I also say that hearing the members talk about each other had me feeling all kinds of soft. Listening to each member talk about how much they motivate each other really makes you feel glad that they have each other and work as a team. As always, RM, the leader of the group, delivered a heartfelt sentiment about his feelings when thinking about the fans that left me clutching at my chest because it was just too sweet.

We also saw some things in episode two that worry us as fans who care about our idols. In particular, Jungkook pushes himself to the point of exhaustion for the sake of the show and Jimin weighs himself down in worry over a mistake that I’m sure most fans didn’t even blink twice about. Their dedication and effort to perfect each performance runs so deep, and it feels really special to be able to see how the group manages backstage when these things happen. Of course, we are seeing the human side of this well-oiled machine, and all of the room for error that comes along with it.

BTS Members prepare for their performances before The Wings Tour. Source: BANGTANTV YouTube

I’m really looking forward to seeing what the rest of the episodes will show. I think this reminder of what it takes to create an experience like The Wings Tour is important to share with the fans who might otherwise forget just how hard idols work to create their concerts. We don’t get many glances behind the perfect image in the idol world. Hopefully, this can help fans to remember that even if they are idols, our favorites are also only human.

You can watch Burn The Stage on Youtube Red, but the first episode is available for free on the BangtanTV Youtube channel here.

Find a link to a free trial of Youtube Red here.

What else will we see that will surprise us from this series? The only way to find out is to keep watching! 


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