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EXO-Ls, did you know that D.O. was recently in the Korean box office hit, Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds? Well Go USA is releasing it via digital, Blu-Ray ™ combo pack and DVD on April 10th. It also stars heart-throb oppars (or ajusshis to some of you), Cha Taehyun, Ha Jungwoo, Ju Jihoon and Lee Jungjae along with Kim Hyanggi. You definitely need to get your own copy of this because D.O. is going to pull every string your heart has.

Along With The Gods is about an upstanding firefighter (Cha Taehyun) that suddenly dies and finds himself facing the seven trials of life. Thankfully, he is not alone. His afterlife defenders (Ha Jungwoo, Ju Jihoon, and Kim Hyanggi) are there to make sure he passes each trial to earn the gift of reincarnation. Unfortunately, Cha’s character isn’t as upstanding as he appears to be. His defenders will have their work cut out for them as each trial gets tougher and tougher. If that isn’t enough, our boy Kyungsoo creates his own brand of trouble back in the mortal world leaving Cha and his three allies to figure things out in time.

Cast of Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds
Photo Source: Blossom Entertainment

Do Kyungsoo has repeatedly shown potential to be an amazing actor. His continued growth shines in this movie. D.O.’s character is emotionally flawed to the point of devastation. His self-destruction is an integral piece of the story’s development, particularly for Cha’s character. Although his role is minor, it is too important to ignore. Think of it as the embers that spark a fire. Idol actors sometimes get a bad rap, but it’s not likely D.O. will have that issue. He is fantastic in this movie.

But don’t just watch it because of D.O. This is a great movie. It’s fast-paced action with sprinkles of witty banter. Even while you’re subconsciously comparing yourself to the characters, you will be thoroughly entertained with laughter, action, and even tears. You’ll experience an array of emotions throughout the show, especially for D.O. We all already know how awesome he is, but he will still surprise you. I recommend watching with friends, even non-fandom friends because the story, acting, and cinematography are all exceptionally good. Also, there’s a surprise cameo at the end of two industry greats, one whom of which I was ecstatic to see again.

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Have you seen Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds yet? Get your own copy of the DVD/Blu-Ray combo to feel Do Kyungsoo’s emotions on April 10th from Well Go USA. 



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