A lot of people on social media talk about the winter being a depressive and low spirited season. I’ve been experiencing this a lot this season. One thing that has helped me get through it is the K-dramas I’ve been watching. Its been a mix of romance, crime, and action dramas that I am super thankful for. I thought that maybe others have been having a rough winter and would appreciate some recommendations, so here they are!

These are in no particular order!

1. The K2 (2016); It is about a former army private on the run who gets caught up in rich people drama and a revenge scheme of his own. It stars my favorite, Ji Chang Wook as Kim Je Ha (I miss him so much due to his being in the real army now!). The show is absolutely jam-packed with action and adorable romance moments to make you swoon. There are so many unpredicted events that keep you on the edge of your seat.

2. Just Between Lovers (2017); This is a drama about two people who experienced a horrific and traumatic accident together finding each other. I’ve written an article about it if you want more in-depth information, go here. Who doesn’t love a drama with ups and downs and a happy ending?

3. I’m Not a Robot (2017); This is about a chaebol who has a human allergy that forces him to live in complete isolation. He is introduced to an artificially intelligent robot to live with him and thus “cures” him of the allergy. Little does he know, the robot is actually a human. This show is absolutely hilarious, which is what I appreciated so much.

4. While You Were Sleeping (2017); This drama is about three people who begin to have dreams about bad things that happen to each other. It is a love triangle story with loads of humor, beautiful leads, and a second lead to threaten your heart. I will say that this is one drama where the lead stole my heart before the second lead could. The storyline is an interesting one and the actors pulled it off flawlessly.

5. Mad Dog (2017); This show has a lot of drama, not really action, but crime and culprit busting. It centers around a plane crash that kills the families of the two leads. The two are on opposite sides of the fight for the truth; that is until they aren’t. If you love a good crime show with twists, then this is one for you. Woo Do Hwan and Yoo Ji Tae’s performances absolutely steal the show.

If you’re having a difficult time during this long and weird winter season, I invite you to check these dramas out. It just may help, you never know. Stay safe and warm guys!



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