Source: Woo Do Hwan Official Instagram

At the end of last year I was watching a drama called ‘Save Me‘ and I fell in love, once again, with the second lead. As I’ve said before, once an actor catches my eye, I have to look them up. Who was it that was playing Suk Dong Chul? Well, it was none other than the wonderful Woo Do Hwan; who we can consider to be a “rookie” actor.

There honestly isn’t much information about the young actor out there, but I’ll do my best to introduce him. His birthday is July 12, 1992, coming in at a young 25 years old! He’s been in five dramas, including ‘Save Me’ and ‘Mad Dog‘, adding ‘The Great Seducer‘ to the list this year, three films, and has won one award for Best New Actor.

Source: Woo Do Hwan Official Instagram

In every single drama that I’ve seen him in, he has been an enigmatic and enticing actor. Do Hwan will make you fall for each of his characters, even if they are seen as “the bad guy”. That has to be a talent in and of itself, right? The three characters he’s played in the dramas I mentioned above would all fall under the “bad guy with good intentions” category. Despite this, they all are drastically different; one makes you hate him first, the other makes you confused, and another makes you fall in love immediately. Regardless of how you feel about his characters, you definitely will appreciate the actor himself. I have become a huge fan of his beautiful and convincing performances and will always support him.

Have you seen Woo Do Hwan’s dramas? Do you like him too? If you haven’t seen any of his dramas, I encourage you to do so right away! They are all very different stories but capture your attention! I hope you come to love him as I have!


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