Source: Monsta X Official Twitter

Monsta X is making a comeback! This is not a drill, their comeback is scheduled for March 26th! They first announced their comeback on March 4th with a “coming soon” teaser picture:

Source: Monsta X Official Twitter

Since that day, they have been releasing photos similar to this one of different members, of the group as a whole, and even a schedule. The schedule showed that they were releasing things every day or every other day. I know that Monbebes (their fanclub official name) were thrilled with all of the content. In addition to this, the boys have been super active on twitter themselves too.

The other day, they released a short film for the album and it is amazing! It is titled The Connect, which explains the storyline of the video. I’m not going to lie, there was a lot going on and so it was hard to put together. It seems like the purpose of the film was for the boys minus Hyungwon to find their way to the missing member. The boys were paired up like they were in the ‘Dramarama‘ video, so we got to see how those pairings came to be. A song, that I’m going to title ‘Destroyer,’ for now, was featured in the video, making me curious as to what the other songs on the album will sound like.

We already had a lot to think about with this music film, and then they dropped the ‘Jealousy’ trailer! My mind is reeling, to say the least. On Twitter, word was spreading like wildfire that this comeback just had to be a sexy concept! The trailer is really short but captures your attention right away. It is all about dark and mysterious, much like the ‘Spotlight‘ video was. The only thing you hear is Kihyun singing “yeah yeah” repeated and I.M whispering about jealousy over a slowly simmering, hip-hop and EDM beat. The visuals vary between black and white and colored but only in black and blues. You also see the boys doing a little choreography and walking around.

All in all, the video doesn’t give us much about what this comeback is going to be about nor what it will be like. Honestly, it doesn’t have to; it was meant to entice, and it has. It has made everyone anxious to see what it is that we’re about to get. I’m ready Monsta X! ( I know that I’m not, but I’m putting on a brave face anyways) Bring it!

Are you ready for this comeback? Freaking out too? Let’s try and prepare ourselves to support these amazing boys!



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