Source: Dreamcatcher Official Twitter @hf_dreamcatcher

You’ve all been listening to me go on about Happyface Entertainment’s Dreamcatcher for months now. I’ve been following them for a while. It was casually at first before I fell head first into being a hardcore fan. Over the last few months, these seven girls took on a European tour, announced a comeback on the way, and held their first concert in Seoul. Now, they’re giving their fans a name and I could not be more thrilled.

The fandom name for Dreamcatcher is official: ‘InSomnia’. I am still yelling about how awesome I think it is. The name holds a double meaning and I’m here to explain that. First, the term Somnia is taken from the Latin word for dreams. So, when you put that together with the word ‘in’, you get, ‘In Somnia’, or, ‘In Dreams’. The members said that being with their fans is like being in a dream and that they want to make happy memories with fans even when dreaming. A few people thought they heard the girls calling fans ‘Somnies’ during the concert in Seoul. Do we have a nickname already?

Poster for Dreamcatcher’s first concert in Seoul! Source: Dreamcatcher Official Twitter @hf_dreamcatcher

The second, more obvious meaning behind the name is the word ‘insomnia’, which is difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. Let me tell you how fitting this meaning of the fandom name is for me. Almost everywhere I go, I am known as the night owl or the ‘Resident Vampire’ of whatever team or group I am in. I don’t recommend a lack of sleep to anyone, but I had to laugh at how great the name works for me. Considering Dreamcatcher’s concept and all of the details in their songs and videos about nightmares, I think this meaning of the fandom name is also perfect.

I’m so excited to see what Dreamcatcher has in store for InSomnia going forward. The comeback is getting closer! We don’t have an official date yet but you can bet I’ll be screaming when the announcement hits! If you’re new to the group, as they always say, ‘Welcome to the Dreamworld’!


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