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There’s been so much good K-Hip Hop and K-R&B music being put out lately, and I’ve also made some good “old” song discoveries too. I was wondering if I should write an article about some of these “new” songs that I’m in love with. I wasn’t going to write it until I came across my mutual on twitter who just discovered Jay Park. When she admitted to not knowing him, I was astounded that she’d been into k-pop this long and hadn’t crossed over into other genres!

I decided to ask if she wanted some recommendations for what to look for in k-r&b and k-hip hop. She decided to message me to get her education on all things k-r&b and k-hip hop that I knew. It was honestly so fun giving recommendations and hearing her reactions that I decided to write this article. And so, without any further ado, here are my top 10 “new to me” tracks:

These aren’t in any particular order!

  1. ‘L.I.E’ by Penomeco
  2. Let’s Get It by Woodie Gochild ft. Jay Park and Dok2
  3. Handle You by Junny

4. Show Me Love by Changmo ft. Sik-K

5. Cheese & Wine by DPR Live

6. Penthouse by Ph-1 ft. Sik-K

7. Dancing in the Rain by Rad Museum

8. Where U At by KillaGramz ft. DEAN and Zico

9. VVIP by Jo Woo Chan ft. Sik-K

10. OGZ by Jo Woo Chan, Park Hyun Jin and Achillo

I want to reiterate that these aren’t in any particular order. I’m not sure about how I found each of them either, but I’m glad. I love k-pop, and there’s so much to listen to, but sometimes you need a different fix. I hope that if you love hip-hop and r&b then you’ll enjoy these songs too. I’ll catch you on the flip side!
Let me know if you liked or hated any of these songs! Is K-R&B up your alley? Drop any song recommendations you may have for me as well! 


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