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If you’re keeping up with my articles then you know just how hard NCT came to snatch my attention this year. One of my favorite YouTubers says they are the group to watch and I agree. NCT teased us for weeks, with new songs and music videos on YouTube, but nowhere else. Finally, the day for us to listen unobstructed, on repeat as much as we like, has come. SMTown dropped the album, with songs both old and new to us. I knew that there was no way I wouldn’t be writing an album review. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Source: NCTsmtown Official Twitter
NCTsmtown Official Twitter
NCTsmtown Official Twitter









Everyone has been extremely overwhelmed, pretty unsure, and super excited to see what NCT 2018 (meaning all 18 members, 15 old and 3 new) were bringing us. As soon as the album dropped, several of the members, adorably, scrambled to post their feelings about the release on Twitter. The rest of Twitter then scrambled to their favorite streaming services to listen to the much-anticipated album, myself included.

We are welcomed with, debatably, my favorite song on the album, despite a measly 10 words. The intro track is titled ‘INTRO: Neo Got My Back,’ and it is that one song from the second yearbook that has me shook! The best description of the sound is dark and heavy. The foundation of the track is a very heavy bass, that sounds like a synthesized keyboard playing in the bass range or with the sound darkened a lot, and a very simple and faint snare sound layered on.

The second song is ‘BOSS,’ which released as a music video on February 19th at midnight KST. In another article I’ve written about the trailer, I described the music as starting “with something of a prominent but hollowed out bass sound that borders on EDM with a crisp snare but no real beat to be spoken for before it opens up into a short clip with a heavy, punching beat drop, full sounding bass, horns, rhythmic oh’s in a tenor voice.” I think that this description is pretty accurate for the song so I’m just leaving this here. Another surprising thing, which NCT used in several songs, is the chanting in choruses that get you yelling too! I can’t help but scream like a crazy person when it starts up.

That same chanting continues in NCT Dream’s ‘GO,’ which released on March 5th. The chorus consists of group chanting, and I think that makes it really hype and enticing. If you love singing your music out loud or like call and response culture, then this is your song! The beat is complicated, featuring techno and EDM influences as the base of the song. It also incorporates that heavy synthesized sounding bass throughout. Small sounds like a car zooming by, a prominent three-peat snare, and many others will catch your ear.

Surprisingly, ‘GO’ has been my go-to song in the car to hype me up for my drive. After that is ‘Neo Got My Back’, followed by ‘Baby Don’t Stop’. Long story short, this album is on repeat in my car and in my room. It’s full of bops and worth your time, and we haven’t even gotten to the second half!

We’ll continue this album review in part 2! This is just way too fun. Do you have a go-to car playlist from the album yet?



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