Credit: JG Star Entertainment

If you’re a fan of strong female artists, we’ve got a treat for you. Popular cover artist and former member of the girl group ‘Bob Girls’ Jeon Da Hye of JG Star Entertainment has recently made an official debut as a solo artist. With Bob Girls, she used the name Da Hye but has since been using the name MIGYO. K-Drama lovers that fall for the smooth ballads and sweet sounding drama OSTs will love hearing the sound of MIGYO’s voice in her new single album, ‘You & I‘.

The single from the album, Nevertheless, is a melancholy song about facing sad memories of a lover after breaking up. I think many people can relate to that feeling of remembering how nice things were before they went wrong. The video embraces the feelings of trying to move on after a love disappears. MIGYO’s sweet but powerful voice captures the emotions with a sincerity that is just so pure. I can imagine this song in the background of a romantic drama perfectly.

Credit: JG Star Entertainment

Some might recognize MIGYO from her viral cover of the song Like It by Yoon Jong Shin. The video gained over ten million views on her YouTube channel. MIGYO’s voice is overflowing with passion when she sings. Her vocal skills and range are amazing and she is already shining as a solo artist. For over a year, she has been covering songs in a style all her own, but now with the release of her solo album, we will see a new and more lovely side of her as  the spotlight shines just for her and her sound.

MIGYO can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube here. Listen to ‘You & I’ on Spotify and continue to follow MIGYO as she blooms into a beautiful solo artist. 


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