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A few days from now, four out of five of the members of K-pop group Big Bang will be enlisted in the military. VIPs (the group’s fandom) are feeling the loss already. Despite knowing that we had this coming, there is nothing like the reality of seeing enlistment dates to make you get into your feels.

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Last year we saw the enlistment of T.O.P, and the fandom has been a little sad ever since. Almost exactly a year after T.O.P started his service, Big Bang’s leader G Dragon faced the music himself. Members Taeyang and Daesung will be starting their two-year mandatory service this week. Youngest member Seungri is enlisting after his current solo project is complete. VIPs are feeling a lot of things and we don’t really know how to handle it. One thing we will do is wait. Forever if we have to. That is the promise VIPs have made.

Source: YG Family Official Twitter @ygent_official
However, there is some good news. YG Entertainment says that Big Bang recorded a secret track as a parting gift to VIPs. ‘Flower Road’ is the title of the song and it will be released on March 13th KST. The group recorded the song while finishing up their long-awaited MADE album. I started screaming at the news, and have been torn between sadness and my excitement for a new song ever since. We haven’t gotten a lot of content from Big Bang as a full group over the last couple of years, so any new release feels like a gift. In this case, it is. ‘Flower Road’ is Big Bang’s gift to us before they leave for a while. I’m not sure what to expect, but you can bet I’m going to cry.

VIPs let’s be sure to send a lot of love to Big Bang members as they go into the military. It feels like forever, but we know the wait will be worth it. I look forward to the return of Big Bang as five members in a couple of years. Let’s wait and see what they have in store for us! 


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