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If you’re trying your best to avoid any more bias wreckers, you may want to build up your strength before reading this. MVP came for us and now they’re coming for your biases too. It’s a given that MVP is talented and handsome, but did you know that they are all super cool and down to earth too?  Here are a few little-known facts about MVP that will help you get to know these bias wreckers even better.

Kang Han (강한)

MVP Biases: Kang Han of MV
Kang Han of MVP
Photo courtesy of SubKulture Entertainment

Kang Han is the leader and lead vocalist of MVP. His birthday is January 16th, which makes him a Capricorn! His nicknames are Kang Honey and Strong Baby (according to Rayoon). Kang Han feels his most attractive features are his soccer and gaming skills. So ladies, if you’re into sports or an avid gamer, you’ll always have something in common. An interesting fact about Kang Han is that he thinks he would be able to survive on a deserted island alone. Does that mean we’ll see him on Law of the Jungle soon? Lastly, Kang Han’s favorite activities are snowboarding, songwriting, and hiking. He’s an athlete and a musician. Sounds perfect, right?

Rayoon (라윤)

MVP Biases: Rayoon of MVP
Rayoon of MVP
Photo courtesy of SubKulture Entertainment

Rayoon, whose birthday is August 21st, is one half of MVP’s rap and dance line. He has an extremely cute nickname, Pomeranian. Maybe he got it because he’s so darn adorable. Rayoon said that some of the features he likes most about himself are his quirkiness and motherly nature. How nice would it be to have him worry about you like a mom would? Rayoon keeps his rap game strong by reading books of poetry. He’s also into taking pictures and collecting figurines.

Name: Gi Taek (기택)

Meet MVP’s main vocalist, Gi Taek. His smooth vocals just may be his most attractive feature. He’s a cool guy that’s into reading and working out. Guess what. There’s a mole on his chest named “James.”  It’s hilarious that his mole has a name, but even more so is his own nickname. Don’t be surprised if someone calls Gi Taek Desert Fox. The backstories to these nicknames must be pretty interesting. Gi Taek’s birthday is December 11th, so mark your calendars!

P.K (피케이)

MVP Biases: P.K. of MVP
P.K. of MVP Photo courtesy of SubKulture Entertainment

Like Rayoon, P.K. is also a rapper with killer dance skills. He is a gifted choreographer whose distinctive charms on and off stage will leave you breathless. If you like relaxing while watching a great movie or enjoying a night out of bowling with friends, you’ll have a lot in common with P.K. Make sure to follow him closely to see if he mentions his favorite movie genre in the future. P.K’s birthday is December 26th, and his nickname is Moomin after a cartoon character. Have you heard of that character before? Do you think the name fits P.K. well?

Jin (진) and Been (빈)

Jin of MVP
Photo courtesy of SubKulture Entertainment

Double the fun with TWINS, Jin and Been. Both are sub-vocalists in MVP and are the sweetest of the sweet. Their birthday is February 6th (happy belated birthday, guys!) and they couldn’t be any more different. Of course, people always mix them up, but they still answer. If you need a man with sensitivity, Jin’s your guy. He loves coloring books and growing plants. He’s also thoughtful and of a detailed nature. While you’re staring into his eyes, be sure to take note of the mole just above his lip.

MVP Biases: Been of MVP
Been of MVP
Photo courtesy of SubKulture Entertainment

It should help you tell him apart from Been since Been’s mole is on his nose. I’m sure fans will have no trouble whatsoever telling them apart, but we will have fun looking at their beauty marks anyway. Been has a fun personality and cute clumsiness that is too adorkable not to love.  Been is into watching music videos. So see, there’s already something you have in common with him.

Sion (시온)

MVP Biases: Sion of MVP
Sion of MVP
Photo courtesy of SubKulture Entertainment

Last but certainly not least is MVP’s maknae, Sion. Sion serves as a lead vocalist alongside Kang Han. He is called Lee Jung Jae after the Korean actor. Keep in mind that he has a nickel allergy so when his birthday on October 15th comes, no nickel-based jewelry! For Sion, his humor is the most attractive thing about him. Stanning him will require a good sense of humor. He loves listening to music, playing games, and answering quiz and trivia questions.

Well, that’s it. We’ve learned so much about MVP. We can’t wait to see what they have coming up next and look forward to seeing them more in the future. MVP, fighting!

Did you learn anything new about MVP today? Are you about to fall over the edge for them too? Tell us who your favorite member is. 


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