JooYoung, New EP Release, Fountain
Joo Young - Fountain Photo Source: Starship Entertainment

Starship Entertainment artist, JooYoung, has returned safely from mandatory military duties. He wasted no time getting back in the studio to work on new music. If you don’t know about JooYoung, let me take a moment to introduce him. At first glance, the tattoos might seem like a hip-hop artist. Close. He’s an R&B Soul singer that Starship considers one of their “triple threats” alongside labelmates Junggigo and Mad Clown. JooYoung has a voice like rain. Sometimes it’s mellow, soothing depths feel like cozy love. Other times it’s a powerful monsoon of emotions so strong they’ll give you chills.

Junggigo and Mad Clown with JooYoung are Starship Triple Threat - Fountain
정기고 (Junggigo) and 매드클라운 (Mad Clown)
Photo Source: Starship Entertainment

The moment JooYoung posted on Instagram that Fountain was available on iTunes, I dropped everything. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. It’s just not possible. JooYoung could sing the alphabet all out of order and it would still melt me where I stand. His voice is just so soulful and deep. It’s basically an eargasm waiting to happen. I was right, by the way. This EP is freaking amazing. There are six songs total and each one feels like a mellow rain that gradually builds into a monsoon.


Do you remember I mentioned that JooYoung’s voice is like rain? This song is a perfect example of soft rain. Daydream felt like I was sitting on the sofa staring out the window at the rain falling. I could clearly imagine this song playing in the background while I sip on a glass of my favorite drink. It’s an easy song that lets thoughts of love wander aimlessly. JooYoung has a way of making you want to love someone.


Since this is a first listen, I haven’t had the chance to look up lyrics yet, but even with my struggle-Korean, I understood the meaning of this song clearly. JooYoung is so convincing with his sweet voice caressing your ear encouraging you to let him dive into you.
Go ahead and give in. There’s no point in fighting it. This is a perfect song for lovers to cuddle close together to.

First, featuring SOLE

I was not familiar with SOLE before now. Her voice is feminine yet strong. It’s a tantalizing contrast to JooYoung’s deep voice. Their voices together are quite enchanting. I loved the feel of this one so it was immediately added to my main playlist.

JooYoung Fountain
Joo Young
Photo Source: Starship Entertainment

Wine, featuring G.Soul

Y’ALL!!! We got two for one!!! G.Soul is on this joint and you already know its about to be one of your favorites. I will never be disappointed with anything G.Soul sings. This man must have captured the essence of soul in a bottle and drank it. It’s a whole treat to pair him with JooYoung. Unfortunately, this sounds more like a breakup song but you’ll still love their voices together.

Plant Girl, featuring PH-1

This is that monsoon I was talking about. Lawdy, this is risque. I ain’t even mad about it. Like many before him, the military has ramped up JooYoung’s sexy. Not that he wasn’t before, but now he is… grown. JooYoung and PH-1 risk it all on this one. Even though they keep it smooth and seductive, there is no mistaking the intent behind these lines.


The title track picks up the pace a little bit but doesn’t stray from the overall easy, groovy feeling that the EP has had thus far.

Suffice it to say, I loved Fountain. I recommend pouring your favorite drink and getting comfy in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed before hitting play. Let this man wash his magic all over you. You will not regret it.



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