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So, it’s been a few days now since BTS member J-Hope dropped his mixtape, ‘Hope World’. We’ve had some time to enjoy the tracks, watch the video for the song ‘Daydream’ about a thousand times, and pick our favorites from the album. Meanwhile, the world has been set on fire by the hype that has come in the wake of our excitement.

If there is one thing that K-pop fans are good at, it is always rallying together in support of our groups. ARMY is at it again this time with the highly anticipated release of ‘Hope World’. Since the mixtape was released, J-Hope’s solo album has filled Sound Cloud’s trending page, hit number one status in over 63 countries on iTunes charts (breaking the record G Dragon set for most number one spots by a Korean solo artist), and created a huge sensation with articles coming in from all directions, including this really great piece from TIME.

As I write this article, the music video for ‘Daydream’ is sitting at 18,572,625 views and counting, and ‘Hope World’ is still holding the number one spot in 23 countries on the iTunes charts. That’s exceptional when you pause to consider that the entire mixtape was released for free download when it came out and is available to stream on Spotify and Sound Cloud for free as well.

J Hope, RM, and Jin on the set of the ‘Daydream’ MV Source: @BTS_twt Official Twitter


Somehow, I don’t think the “J-Hope hype train” is slowing down anytime soon. I’m excited to see if and where the album will place on the Billboard charts. Not only that but since the release of ‘Hope World’ sales for BTS album ‘Love Yourself: Her’ have moved up the iTunes charts as well. Fans suspect that the increase in sales is coming from people who have discovered the group through the success of ‘Hope World’ and then bought BTS music as a result. BTS Official Twitter account also just hit thirteen million followers, another milestone in the long list for the group.

Are you all aboard for the Hobi Hype Express? I honestly can’t get enough of seeing my favorite groups succeed and I look forward to whatever comes from BTS both as a group and as individual members next! A round of applause to ARMY for being so dedicated and working hard to help your faves reach their dreams!


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