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My favorite girl group is at it again and I am thrilled! Dreamcatcher just finished up a successful tour in Europe performing at venues that were full of cheering fans and smiling faces. They have a concert scheduled in Seoul on March 11th, thanks to Interpark Global who set up a new system called ‘Mission Stage’ and featured Dreamcatcher as the first idols to use this new system. ‘Mission Stage’ works almost like a crowdfunding site, where depending on the number of tickets sold for the concert, various perks become available to fans who buy tickets and attend. My girls met their goal for ticket sales and are ready to take the stage. I’m always so excited to see what they’re up to, and their most recent YouTube upload does not disappoint!

A while ago, for Dreamcatcher’s first anniversary, the group released their single ‘Full Moon’ with a short video. Now, they’re back with a dance video featuring the girls in all white outfits with these great frilled sleeves that I love. This choreography is probably my second favorite, after ‘Good Night’. I really enjoy seeing the group coming together with better synchronization and more polished moves each time they release a dance video. Dreamcatcher really brings a lot of toughness and attitude to their dances, without going over the top or laying it on too thick. They have a great balance and their dances always suit the style of their songs really well.

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One of my favorite moments in the ‘Full Moon’ choreography is around two and a half minutes into the video. The girls all make circles with their arms over their heads and then there’s a moment where they move in a sort of wave, bending and standing in sync with each other to create a really dynamic effect that looks extremely cool and was executed just right. Dreamcatcher has a comeback planned sometime this month and I absolutely can not wait to see what they have in store. I am head over heels for this group and I check for news about them all the time because I don’t want to miss a thing!

Rock influenced girl groups have always been right up my alley, no matter what language the music was in. I really hope Dreamcatcher takes off and I can’t wait to see if they’ll do a world tour in the future. Who wants to buy tickets if they do?


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