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This is a continuation of my J-Hope Hope World mixtape review! For the first part, please go here.

Jumping right back in! The third song is the song we got a music video for called “Daydream!”

He’s back at it again with the 90s house hip-hop and feel good vibes! Much like “Hope World,” “Daydream” has an energetic sound that makes you think “ahhh, this is exactly who J-Hope is!” When you see the video it hits you that the person who’s music and artistry this is has a vibrant personality that only wants to make you smile and dance. He also masterfully talks about the responsibilities he has as J-Hope while balancing things he wants and feels as Jung Hoseok in the lyrics. At the beginning of the song he gets into this tug of war really quickly:

“My character’s like half and half. Who knows?
A public figure’s striving life. Who knows?
Abstaining from large cravings. Who knows?
Always out of breath for daydreaming. Who knows?

Wanna cry in peace, I know
Wanna party like crazy, I know
Wanna be fluttered with love, I know
Ye I know I know I know, Cause Me”

Its almost as if he wants to share everything he can without making us worry, which is why he wraps these deep feelings/inner thoughts in the up-beat sound and video. He’s a genius, I’m declaring it.

Next I’m going to talk about “Baseline” and “Hangsang” because they seem to go hand in hand. These are the two songs that take a step away from 90s house and come to a more contemporary trap sound.

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“Baseline” still has some 90s feels with the scratching towards the end, but these songs have more of an “I’m a badass and we are THAT crew” type of sound. What makes that even better is the fact that they’re about J-Hope being with his squad, Bangtan.  “Baseline” lyrics are bringing “I did this, I worked for this and I’m me, my music is my essence.” “Hangsang”, translating to always, is more of “we are the squad that you and your friends want to be,” with lyrics like:

“We’re happy these days
Someone took off the Gucci tab
Someone has a couple hundred Kaws Toys
Someone’s thinking about where to live
Only proper and right things
Only good things, looking out of the well
Only ripe things, nothing bitter
Only cool things with cool friends”

“Hangsang” is the ultimate “feeling myself” anthem that you play when going out with your friends. Both of these songs are J-Hope’s moment to brag about where he’s at, where he’s come from, and how proud he is of himself and BTS.

Next, we have “Airplane”, which is another favorite song on the album (I really can’t choose between it and “P.O.P”). “Airplane” keeps up with the transition from house hip-hop to contemporary trap though it has more alternative vibes, leaving out the hard-hitting beat for a mellow one. This is an anthem about the “come up,” and the struggle towards success. In the lyrics, he says “It’s still not believable to me, That this Gwangju kid could get wrapped up in flight from my place in this high, high dream, I’m flying above the beautiful world,” you can feel the pride of being in a low place and working to get somewhere higher. Maybe that’s why it resonated with me without knowing the lyrics. It makes you feel like you can grind for a better life that you want.

Lastly, we have the outro “Blue Side.” It is a beautiful closer that makes you tear up from the transition from Baseline/Hangsang to this slow, emotional short track. The lyrics talk about wanting to stay with someone, and that could be either BTS or ARMY but it wraps up the story of his journey so well. He has put his all into this work and has made it to a place where he is happy and proud and he wishes to stay there with people he loves. I am in love with every song on this project and will be listening to it and only it until further notice. 

How is it living in a post-Hope World society? Lets get the conversation started.


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